From Wolf Collars to Nfl Dog Collars

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Given that dogs were domesticated some 12,000 years ago, it would be fair to say that they have been man’s companion and friend for a very long time now. Still, these canine friends cannot talk; they are but animals, and very smart and loving animals at that. As such, it has been the of this animal to wear the of the human to whom it belongs. Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Grecian art both show images of collared dogs. In early Persian societies, killing a dog was a punishable crime and depending on the breed and social status of the dog and its owner, so was feeding it bad food.

While these ancient images do not invoke our couch hogging, Nascar - sporting pups of today, this brief history shows that dogs and humans have walked a very clear path together over the years. For many occupations, working dogs were part and parcel of the farm. If you had a flock of sheep, you also likely had several white - white so that you could see them at night guarding the flock. These dogs often wore wolf collars, which were collars with spikes on the outside to protect the dogs’ necks from bites in the event of a . On a farm, you wanted a black dog to guard your barn, all the better for sneaking up on your intruders. Of course, let’s not forget hunting dogs and guard dogs either; both played important roles in the great scheme of things.

In today’s world of NFL dog collars and fashionable stud collars- these studs echo back to the days of wolf collars, but no longer serve such a purpose- some collars are all function, while others are all about style. Flea collars and Elizabethan collars are both examples of the functional category. The former are usually used as supplementary collars, as their main purpose is to repel fleas via the chemicals they contain, while Elizabethan collars are those large cone-shaped collars that keep dogs from scratching their heads or licking wounds. Those are a far cry different from snapping NFL dog collars around your dogs’ necks for the big race on the weekend.

The most common type of collar is a buckle collar, which might also be called a flat collar. These are usually fastened with a buckle and are often made of leather of nylon webbing. It is common practice to hang an ID tag from such a collar, and there is usually a loop (metal or material) on the collar through which to attach a leash. One other option used is the break-away collar. These are flat collars with a built-in safety feature that allows the dog to pull free of the collar, but only if excessive force is applied. These collars are used in circumstances where a non-quick release collar might get caught, resulting in strangulation.

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