Dog Training Techniques For Small Dogs

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by Lee Dobbins

One of the most effective techniques smaller is reward training. Because choke collars and other aggressive forms of training are ineffective with small breeds like Poodles, Pugs and the Pomeranian due to their small physical stature, reward training has been commonly used as an alternative.

Reward training is one of the most common types of . It teaches dogs to help with police work and military work. This is also the method commonly used to train dogs used in films and advertisements. It is equally effective to help your own pet master basic instructions in obedience.

Reward training is based on giving a treat or reward when your dog performs the behavior you desire. Most often it means a special treat, but simply telling your dog that he was a good boy and patting him on the head can be construed as a wonderful reward for your dog.

You can train your dog to do nearly anything with reward based techniques. In order to succeed with this training method, you just need to use a specific group of tactics to get your pet to do what you want him to do and then reward him right after he does what you want.

If you would like to teach your dog to sit, you may try holding a treat above his head and then pushing it back further until the dog chooses to sit. When he does this, say the command “sit.” When he actually does sit, you can praise him and give him the treat. The dog will soon relate the sitting action with the word “sit” and the yummy reward!

One type of reward training is which allows you to teach your dog without using voice instructions. A simple clicker is used to communicate with the dog. The dog will eventually learn the meaning of the click sounds and associate it with the reward. The trainer just snaps the clicker every time the dog does his job, and then gives the dog a treat.

Reward training can do great wonders for your dog and will make your training a fast process. That key is to get your dog to perform the action on his own and then reward him consistently.

Smaller dogs respond well to a rewards based techniques. This method allows you to bond with your dog and avoids harsher methods which might harm your four legged friend. Using this type of rewards based training, you can both enjoy your training sessions!

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