Funny Video- Dog Lips Puppy Toy Review Mike Mozart and Coco Puff jeepersmedia

Funny Video Dog Lips, Dog Product by Michael “Mike” makes funny video reviews on his channel jeepersmedia on youtube. Mike Mozart's Black Lab Puff is today's special guest Reviewer. Coco Puff is a cute little puppy who is the Official Dog Mascot of Jeepersmedia channel on youtube. Did she give the Dog Lips Dog Toy a Paws Up Or a Paws Down. Cocoa Puff is a Fussy little doggie for sure. Join us on this Tail Wagging Adventure. You'll laugh out loud at this Funny Epic Fail Funny product review video by The youtube Fail Toy Expert, Mike Mozart. Add this Video to a Funny Playlist on your youtube Channel.

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    • social3ngin33rin
    • March 13, 2010

    God damnit i hate youtube. replay is broken fuck it i’m not commenting on this page anymore : /

    • mymoneynotyours
    • March 13, 2010

    Listen to him! He clearly says, PUPeroni! Turn on the ****ing annotations and you’ll see an annotation saying he tasted PUP-eroni at 2:30! You don’t have to insult us! Now, I’m not the one you see cursing on his comments, but, STOP BEING A ****ER! I’m good at smart retorts, so don’t even BOTHER annoying me any further.

    • joeboxer0424
    • March 13, 2010


    • joeboxer0424
    • March 13, 2010

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! well unless i put american cheese on it….

    • X00C
    • March 13, 2010

    “Why does everyone think it’s made for dogs?”
    1. He said so at 2:30
    2. How did this argument even start?

    • MislaidAlbum
    • March 13, 2010

    Mine might have tried it. Not sure. I gotta wonder what they were thinking when they made the clown one. Sure, it looks like a clown on dogs. But if you give it to a black dog like you did, it looks like the old school black face. Did they realize it could be taken as a slight racial issue, or was it just an accident?

    • Crush63511
    • March 13, 2010

    do they have it in chiuaua sizes jk

    • colafass
    • March 13, 2010


    • winxgirlalways
    • March 13, 2010

    Shoulda used a litle dog. Big dogs are obviously smarter.

    • a0z9625
    • March 13, 2010

    i hope my chihuahua will try it in her size

    • iampepheb
    • March 13, 2010

    lol mine’s head (my dog) is smaller than the mouth… hes a wiener dog

    • PichuABC
    • March 13, 2010

    my dog wouldn’t try it
    she is way to smart for a puppy
    only way she would have that in her mouth was if i forced it into her mouth

    • starlimitz2
    • March 13, 2010

    Hahaha! Smart dog

    • iobjection
    • March 13, 2010

    Oh my dog would have tried it……. tried the half that was still in her mouth after tearing it up (Jack Russel Terrier :O)

    • BChanLuckyFox
    • March 13, 2010

    my pup would run away from it

    • social3ngin33rin
    • March 13, 2010

    He edited that and placed it in 😛 the last word is mine MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

    • niekomasu
    • March 13, 2010

    lol my dog would bite onto the wrong end xD

    • ChatRouletteKiller
    • March 13, 2010

    whats the song mike mozart uses in the backround

    • 4thtroika
    • March 13, 2010

    Smart dog.

    • gothiccitizen
    • March 13, 2010

    my dog is stupid so he would lol

    • nomish54
    • March 13, 2010

    he or she???

    • Mingebag101
    • March 13, 2010


    • TheAquila666
    • March 13, 2010

    haha i really love those comments xD

    • shiahian
    • March 13, 2010

    Some dogs are chewers. She apparently is not.

    • beardyboy106
    • March 13, 2010

    I don’t have a dog .

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