Dog Travel Supplies – a Complete Checklist

Previously, dog owners could not even imagine traveling with their pet dogs because of the inconvenience and rigid rules and regulations. But with the dog industry blooming, and people accepting these domestic pets more as a companion than an animal, these pets are on the go! There have been a series of developments in dog and products which one would require while traveling with their pets.

If you are on the road, traveling by car on a long journey's trip, you would want to carry his travel Paw Print Portable Bowl, which you will need in order to feed your pet in the comfort of your car itself. Dog treats and are also a part of dog travel supplies because you should carry adequate stock to keep your pet satisfied through out the journey. In fact carry a little extra in case you do not find the similar brand of dog food while you are traveling. Make sure your pet doesn't overeat and make himself sick while on the move. Make sure you carry his car harness to keep him well secured while you are driving. And if you feel your dog is prone to car sickness.

Your dog travel supplies should include a Lookout Booster Seat Travel Rack Accessory seat which is light and portable and will make your pet feel secured, minimizing the car jerks for him. If you have a big sized dog and you are carrying him on your back seat, you could attach a back seat car barrier to abstain him from moving into the front seat and disturbing you. If you have expensive car covers, cover them with dog car covers to avoid any mess and dirt. Another very important dog travel supplies are dog cleanup bags which are to be kept most handy when you dog has made a mess! Carry many dog toys which come in attractive varying designs and colors to keep your dog busy and distracted especially, if he is feeling car sick. Nothing is more important than a dog leash in the dog travel supplies list to avoid your pet from wandering away in an unknown place. And if by chance he does wander off make sure that for his quick recovery, you have tagged an identification tag on him.

Last, but not the least, of the dog travel supplies is a first aid kit to be kept handy incase of any accident or falls, etc. Other travel accessories which could be incorporated into your dog travel supplies check list could be Cruising Companion Travel Food Bags, waste bags, pet umbrella, goggles, sunscreens, etc along with his regular clothing items. In case your pet is going through a medical treatment don't forget to carry all his medications along with his prescription. Taking a little extra time to carefully pack all his requirements, would make your trip together a happy and memorable one! Hey, and don't forget to capture some cherished moments on camera for his doggy memorabilia.

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