What You Should Know About The Pug Breeder

What You Should Know About The Pug Breeder
by Jenny Donaldson

Now that you are finished gazing over all of the pictures on the Internet and you are through with reading all about each and every known to man kind that you can think of, you have finally decided to bring a puppy into your home and into your heart. All you have to do now is to find a place where you can purchase your Pug from and if you are like some people, you may feel that keeping yourself away from a Pug breeder is best when trying to find a healthy and well-behaved Pug.

But you could not be more wrong because Pugs in the pet shops also come from Pug breeders because the pet shops do not breed themselves, they are simply the middlemen. So when you are shopping for a Pug in a pet shop, you are still getting a puppy that came from a Pug breeder which is something that you did not like in the first place. In order to get past this and to make the right decision, there are several things that you must consider.

When you think of a Pug in a pet store you often see a puppy that is perfect and wholesome and while all puppies are innocent, not all will have the best behavior as some have suffered abuse at the hands of breeders. As sad as it may seem, not every Pug breeder out there is kind and in the business for the right reasons. And it is because of this that you want to avoid breeders but by taking away your own ability to view the puppy’s surroundings, you are setting yourself up for trouble.

But, the problem is that people are not thinking deep enough to ponder just where exactly the puppies in the pet store come from. The fact of the matter is, that pet stores are not breeding their own animals and they are purchasing them from breeders. So, any Pug that you see in a pet store came from a Pug breeder without a single doubt. The difference is, you were not able to see exactly what type of breeder it was because not all are bad and not all are good.

Even though it is never fun heading off to Pug breeder after Pug breeder, by doing it the best way instead of trusting a pet shop, you are able to maintain control of the situation. This means that you will be able to view the area where the puppy is being raised to make sure it has been given everything it needs.

You are also going to be able to view how the puppy acts around the people who have been raising it. Within the walls of a pet store, you are not able to see any of the history behind the Pug you are looking at.

So in order to have the best available, you need to make sure you are in full charge of selecting the puppy and from where it comes from.

Even if a puppy from a puppy mill appears to be healthy and happy, there are many problems that can arise later as the puppy matures and sometimes their neglect can come back as violence towards you, your guests, or other within the home. This is something that you want to prevent at all costs.

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