Imperial Shih Tzu: Cute and Loveable

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by Rebecca Simpson

The origin of Shih Tzu emerges to be interwoven in the mystery of prodigies of China and Tibet. There are several theories propounded by different anthropologists. One theory suggests that the Manchu dynasty was the origination of the modern Shih Tzu.

Many contemporary theorists argue that the contemporary form of was evolved from Tibetan sleeve dogs. American Kennel Club () classifies the standard type of Shih Tzu, while it is commonly referred to as ‘Imperial size’ or ‘Teacup size’.

In the Imperial Palace of China, Shih Tzu was bred. Following the instructions received from the Chinese Empresses Dowager, the preference was only given to the smaller dogs, while the bigger ones were simply either discarded or sold in the dissident marketplace. The smaller ones were regarded as the highest honor provided to the diplomats from the Empresses. Hence, these smaller puppies were raised with maximum care.

The tiny Imperial Shih Tzu is raised for quality, health and temperament. As defined by AKC, Imperial Shih Tzu features a short back, straight legs and baby doll face with tiny button nose on elegant head along with a cute and affectionate expression. The puppies may be available in different colors like chocolate, red, mahogany, liver, blue and other colors. Typically, the puppies may come in gorgeous coats, round eyes, little bodies and elegant heads. At the time of breeding, special care needs to be taken while selecting mating partners in order to properly the best personality, health and temperament in the offspring.

Typically the temperament of an Imperial Shih Tzu is nice and sweet. They are basically cheerful, spunky and steady dogs. Royal affability, bold behavior and frequent arrogance set them apart from other type of breeds of the same family. Their behavior is very friendly with almost zero trouble. The Imperial Shih Tzu responds very nicely during patient training. Because of their alert nature, although they prefer to bark outside, they stay calm and quiet inside of the house.

There is a huge market for the Imperial Shih Tzu. But many individuals and families have a preference for the Imperial Shih Tzu because of its small size. These types of dogs are easy to carry. Many tiny Imperial Shih Tzu owners take their dogs almost everywhere. Owners tend to these elite little dogs like treasures or extraordinary beautiful jewels. They are so small that they may require hand feeding and they need daily additional nutritional supplements also.

Quite naturally you cannot purchase a Shih Tzu for the price of most other breeds. The price is settled depending on various factors like breeding pair, gender, color, markings and size. If you are ready to pay $2500, you might be able to buy a beautiful teacup Imperial Shih Tzu that tip the scales at a whopping full grown size of six pounds or less.

Typically, you can start bargaining for an Imperial Shih Tzu at a base price of $1000. The size of the standard Imperial Shih Tzu is typically between six to nine pounds. For a standard Shih Tzu, you may only need to spend $500 for a that weighs in at nine pounds full grown.

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