The Rottweiler History

The Rottweiler History
by Sharon Davies

There is little doubt in the mind of anyone who comes across the impressive that they appear to be a force that you do not want to go against. And that fear and respect is justified by not only the actions of the today, but also what this has done for people throughout the ages. In order to get a good idea of how important, smart and dedicated your can be, it is important to understand the history behind this breed.

To fully understand and to take full advantage of the nature of , it cannot be stressed enough why it is so important to take a few moments and understand where this breed comes from and what its ancestors went through. By doing so, you may actually walk away better equipped to handle your own Rottweiler. It doesn’t take but a moment to educate yourself so that next time a guest in your home is scared of the look has, you can share knowledge with them and lessen their fear.

This breed is not one that just came about, as the ancestry of the Rottweiler dates back into ancient Roman times, which started with a type of Mastiff dog known as the Roman drover. These were used daily to herd cattle during the time that the army would be traveling. And then during the night the drovers would be left to watch over the soldiers while they slept and would alert them if troubled surfaced.

But it was during the travels of Caesar that some of the drovers were left in areas of Germany and natives there adopted them. The Germans ended up breeding the dogs to help them with jobs that they needed help with since this breed did so well for the soldiers. It was actually in the town of Rottweil, Germany where this breed got its name, as this is the place where the dog became known as the butcher’s dog.

With the Rottweiler pulling carts and barges, it seemed that they were suddenly irreplaceable but that thought soon came to an end with the introduction of the railroad. Now, without a job, the fate of the was not looking too great and there was fear they would soon cease to exist.

But then, in 1910, the Rottweiler was recognized as a police dog and helped not only the police on the streets but also did their part in World War II.

Then finally, in 1931, the American Kennel Club Stud Book admitted the first Rottweiler. The popularity of the Rottweiler had been growing for a decade, as the Rottweiler has come in on the American Kennel Club ‘s top ten registered breeds.

But then, in the year 2000, eleventh place was given to the Rottweiler and the breed lost the decade long streak. The Rottweiler popularity still continued to grow and still became the member of many households across the world. Being as loved and respected now as they were back in the ancient Roman times, the Rottweiler is here to stay.

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