Rewards Based Dog Training Techniques Are Best For Small Dogs

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by Lee Dobbins

One of the most effective ways to train smaller is by using rewards based techniques. This is because the smaller are too tiny for correction types of training and they could become injured. This training also works for larger breeds and is the recommended type of training that has been used to train generations of dogs.

Reward training is used for many purposes. Along with police and military work, this training teaches dogs to perform all kinds of actions and is even used to train dogs for films and advertisements. And, of course, it works just as well on your pet for basic obedience.

It’s pretty clear from the name that this type of training is based on giving some kind of a reward as a response for obedient behavior. However, the reward doesn’t have to be an actual thing even a pat or or a “good boy” can make your dog feel special.

You can teach your dog nearly everything by using rewards based techniques. All you need is consistency in training, and your dog will eventually do the desired task.

For example, the best and easy way to teach your dog to sit is by way of dangling the treat above his head and gradually moving it towards his back until he sits on his own. Do this process while saying the command “sit”, and then commend and reward him right after he sits. Your dog will easily relate the command “sit” to the action of sitting and the treat that goes with it.

If you want to train your dog without the use of voice commands, then you can take advantage of the reward training method known as . With this method, a clicker is used (usually along with hand signals) to communicate the desired task to the dog. Just like with a voice command, once the dog performs the task he is rewarded with the treat. Over time, the clicker is all that will be necessary for the dog to respond.

You can teach your dog new tricks with decoy training. This is when you get the dog to perform the task naturally on his own (such as with the “sit” example used earlier). Once he has completed the trick, remember to reward him. This technique, widely used in the entertainment industry, does not require a trainer handler.

Training your pet should be a fulfilling tasks for both you and your animal. The use of reward based techniques will allow you and your pet to achieve your goals without the use of aggressive techniques which may injure or scare your small dog.

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