Tips For Personalizing Your Dog’s Crate

So you just purchased a dog crate for , now what else do you need to complete the whole package and provide your dog with everything needed to be comfortable in his or her environment?  I’d to take a brief look at some of the possibilities for accessorizing your crate like dog toys, dishes, dog crate covers, and more.  There are tons of options, its up to you to decide which ones the most sense.

First of all, your dog needs to eat and drink so it’s obvious that you’ll want to purchase a couple dog bowls if you haven’t done so already.  You’ll want to get the right size for your dogs needs, but you don’t want to get dishes that are so bid that they take over the whole crate.  Just purchase dishes that big enough to hold the required amount of food and water for your dog to be satisfied.

Next, you may want to consider extra padding for your crate.  Some crates will come with a pad but chances are this pad will not be very thick or comfortable for that matter.  Instead you may want to by an additional crate pad which will provide more padding for your dog while he or she spends time in the crate while you’re away.  Again, you don’t want to overdue it with too much padding.  This will result in your dog getting too warm and possibly not having enough room to be comfortable in the crate.

Toys are always a great way to keep your dog occupied while they are in their crate so it would be a good idea to include some of their favorite toys in your list of accessories.  It’s always important to not have toys that your dog could choke on since you would not be there to help him or her in that situation.  Instead, leave toys that are not really a danger to them.  Toys like plush animals, or toys that are big enough so that they won’t be able to swallow them, but not so big that they take over the entire crate.

Finally, you may want to consider adding a little more style to your dog’s crate with a dog crate cover.  Dog crate covers are perfect for adding a cooler look to a plain old dog crate.  Dog crate covers are available in many colors so you’ll be sure you can find the perfect color for your dog’s environment.  Dog crate covers help to reduce stress and excess barking by essentially providing your dog with their own little private bedroom.

All of these items are great accessories that can be added to your dog’s crate in order to provide an added touch of personalization.  Remember, you want to keep your dog as happy as possible.  This will in turn keep you much happier as well.

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