The Frickin’ Greatest Pet Treats To Pamper Your Pooch!

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by Rebecca Foxton

If your dog loves pig ears, try him with .

Yummy Peanut Butter, Chicken, Beef and Natural are the different flavor varieties of Beefeaters mouthwatering Multi flavored Cuisine Cow Ears.

Your dog will love the chewable texture and fantastic flavor.

Many higher fat higher calorie snacks will not compete with Cow ears for flavor, and best of all they are natural and healthy too.

Beefeaters also produces Lamb and Rice flavored . These are made with real meat, and you will without a doubt, be rewarding your dog with the most healthy, delicious possible.

Jerky Strips are a low fat and healthy treat that are appropriate for all .

Jerky Strips are ideal for your smaller dogs because not only are they mouth-wateringly soft and chewy, but they also provide the same benefits as the larger pig ears and cow ears, except that they are more size appropriate.

If this is not enough for your dog, you might want to consider Beefeaters Munchy Sticks Beef Cuisine.

All natural rawhide treats, formed to perfection without preservatives, artificial flavors or , these five inch morsels will keep your dog chewing for hours.

While your dog is enjoying his treat, your mind can be at ease knowing that the rawhide sticks are doing their job and getting rid of the plaque on his teeth.

Yogurt for dogs may seem like a crazy plan, but your dog will go crazy for .

This is not just a great dog treat because it has no fat and is a great tool for weight loss, but this delicious creamy yogurt also contains calcium, a vital ingredient in maintaining strong teeth and bones.

It also has the added advantage that it is fortified with Lactobacillus Bulgaris, which can help maintain a healthy digestive tract, and therefore helps your dog process food more efficiently.

Many humans regularly eat bio yogurt for its health properties, so why not give your dog the same advantage?

Thanks to a very innovative new pasteurization process, this ultra-healthy snack is preservative free and yet can be stored unopened, at room temperature for months.

Once it has been opened, the remains of the yogurt should be kept refrigerated, although knowing how much my dog begs for Beefeaters Strawberry yogurt, I doubt you will have many leftovers!

A good treat in summer when the weather is warm, the cooling yogurt will provide healthy, fruity refreshment.

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