Raising A Chihuahua To Be Happy And Healthy

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by Lee Dobbins

People who are lacking in space but would still like a pet that is both loyal and cute often adopt a . are so appealing because they are so small. However, their cute, small stature is what makes raising a a bit more challenging.

One of the funniest things about Chihuahuas is that they have no clue how small they actually are. Many times they are referred to as a “big dog in a small dog’s body” and they are so defensive that they don’t think twice about confronting the biggest dog on the block. Consequently, you need to always keep tabs on your without ever letting them go outside without you monitoring them.

When adopting a , you must make sure to feed him the highest quality food on the market. From birth until three months of age, puppies should be given small meals four times a day; between the ages of three to six months, feedings can be decreased to three times a day and from six months to one year meals should decline to only two times a day.

One feeding per day is appropriate after your Chihuahua is a year old. Most Chi’s prefer to eat several small meals rather than one large one. Hard food may be the best choice for your Chi as some dogs of this breed have a difficult time digesting canned food and can develop diarrhea as a result.

When it comes to raising a Chihuahua, one positive aspect is that they should be given a bath once a month, which is relatively simple to do. Bathing them more often than necessary can purge the fur of its natural oils, which can then end up possibly causing dandruff.

Be sure that you keep any water from getting into the ears of your Chihuahua when you bathe him, as wet ears can cause bad ear infections. Pay close attention to your Chi, and if you notice him scratching his ears a lot or redness in his ears, get him to the vet as quickly as possible.

Training your dog the proper way will earn you many benefits like owning an obedient dog and will also allow you to call him away from dangerous situations. Start training him on simple tricks even at an early age and he will easily learn as he grows older. But gradually provide him with a general obedience training and this will help him in dealing with dangerous scenarios.

Keeping your Chi’s nails trimmed is an integral part of the proper care of your pet and should be done on a monthly basis. It will be easier on both you and your dog if you start trimming his nails early on when he is still a puppy so that he grows accustomed to it. Cat claw trimmers, which are shaped like scissors but have a round indent to accommodate the animal’s claw, would be a good choice for grooming your Chi.

Weak knees are very common for Chihuahuas, especially as they age. Be sure to watch your chi carefully, and if you notice any difficulty walking, get him checked out by a vet.

Proper Veterinary attention is an essential part of raising a Chihuahua. Be sure to take your pet in for the necessary shots and worming when he is a puppy and follow up with checkups, booster shots, and teeth and ear cleaning as your Vet recommends.

Chihuahuas are loyal pets with a sweet temperament. Take good care of your Chihuahua and you will be rewarded with a devoted and healthy pet for many years to come.

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