Basic Care For Pug Puppies

Basic Care For Pug Puppies
by Lee Dobbins

A is a wonderful breed to adopt and learning how to care for is imperative before you bring a new puppy into your home.

is essential for your Pugs overall health, especially in his first year. It really helps to ward off a lot of health ailments and makes your Pug sharper, so pay special attention to what you are feeding him.

How do you tell if your is the best?


It is vital to review the label on any bag of dog food that you buy before using it, to make certain that it contains only healthy ingredients and does not have filler. By verifying that chicken, lamb or beef meal is the first ingredient listed, you will ensure that your young pug will get enough protein. It is unwise to give your leftovers to your pug. You should also be careful not to overfeed him, as this can lead to him becoming overweight.

Providing the best care for pug puppies also includes getting the right supplies such as bowls for food and water. Also, look for a harness that fits well and a leash for your little guy, as well as a crate of an appropriate size and a dog bed. And don’t forget toys to keep your Pug entertained!

Pugs will need to have wide, shallow bowls for food and water because of the placement of their eyes on their faces. If the dishes are deep and narrow, your pug can get an eye infection if its eyes are touching the sides of the bowls or the food.

When picking a resting place or even toys and things for your , always remember to chose things that your puppy can grow into. A pug puppy’s size can be tiny at first but it will eventually grow out of it. For example, it is recommended when getting a crate for a resting place to chose one that has a partition so you can adjust the crate’s size according to the growth of your puppy.

For pugs, a harness is much better than a regular dog collar. The harness is much safer than the collar for these types of dogs because using a collar on a Pug can cause a serious choking hazard if your Pug pulls on the collar too hard. A harness will not have any constriction near the windpipe and you will be able to avoid any damage to this fragile area.

If you’ve got a good head on your shoulders and know the basics of good canine care, you’ll have no problem learning how to care for Pug puppies. Just be sure to provide good food, a loving home, and proper veterinarian care, and you’ll have a buddy for life!

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