Positive Dog Training Produces Faster Results

Positive Dog Training Produces Faster Results
by Lee Dobbins

When using a positive training approach, one must be sure to keep in mind that this type of training is based on rewarding your for good behavior.

requires and should be handled in this manner. will need a firm hand at times in order to keep your pet in line, however you should not scoldDog Training for Dummies constantly. It has been shown that respond much better to , so it is important to know when it is appropriate to praise your dog and when a firm hand is needed.

Every time he obeys while you are training, your dog should get a . IF he sits, reward him. If he stays, fetches, or goes to the bathroom in the proper place, or any other commands, he should get a .

You dog will enjoy just about anything as a reward, words of , special treats, a belly rub or a good old rub on the head are all appreciated!

Training your dog properly is quick and easy if you do it positively by giving him some sort of reward every time he does something good. Your dog will quickly learn the tricks and just want to please you.

Don’t ever be harsh with your dog unless there truly isn’t any other alternative. Only such behaviors as growling, chewing things up, or pulling on the leash justify a reprimand.

Something that you will need to remember is that if you don’t catch him doing something, you mustn’t scold him for it. If you do, he will have no idea why he is getting into trouble. The dog will get your point with a short yet sharp “no!” or “bad dog!”

Be crisp and quick when your scold, being sure to maintain an angry and condemning tone. If you scold too frequently, your dog will end up ignoring you. You should never hit the dog, this will only lead to problems in the future.

If you are using a positive dog training method, one important thing to remember is when you should scold and when you should praise. Remember, your pet has just begun learning, and is trying. So be patient with your new friend. With a loving and understanding approach, your dog will find training easy and it will be a wonderful experience for both you and your dog.

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