8 Essential Dog Accessories for a Happy Pup

Over the last 5 years, the range and quality of pet available to you and your bundle of fun has increased dramatically, and nowadays our four legged friends are almost just as well accessorised as we are! There are accessories to enhance your pet's appearance, to make life easier for you as the owner and to make sure your pup gets everything they need.

However, whilst the collection of products available grows, as the owner of an online pet boutique, I know there still remain, as ever, 8 dog accessories' every owner should supply to keep their pooch happy and healthy.

Many owners relish doting on their companion and these ‘hints and tips' will help you navigate your way through the many products out there to find the best quality essentials to make your dogs day.

Essential 1: The Perfect Dog Collar

There is literally an enormous range of dog collars on the market for dog owners to choose from, and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. The most important feature of any collar is that it fits comfortably without any restriction or tightness, so always pick the size with the most room. Measure around your pet's neck at the point where their collar would usually sit and if your pet is on the size limit or has a particularly thick, fluffy coat, you may want to go up to the next size.

When it comes to your dogs collar it really does pay not to skimp on quality. The cheap options out there may seem attractive, however it is unlikely that they will withstand your pups lively, playful and mischievous nature and also the cut-price materials used will not be pleasant for your precious pet to sport 24/7.

Essential 2: The Ideal Dog Leash

When you and your pooch go out pavement parading, it is essential that you have the right leash to keep your pet calm and controlled.

The top tip for finding that ideal dog lead is to look for a product appropriate to the size of your dog. Most dog leads should let you know whether they are suitable for , medium or large breeds. Large dogs should always have wider, thicker leashes.

Just like finding the perfect collar, your dogs leash is not an area where you should compromise on quality, as it is a product designed to keep you, your pup and the surrounding public safe. If your baby likes to always look a million dollars, best get them a matching collar and lead set, just to keep them from moaning!!

Essential 3: The Bon Ton

For those who aren't quite sure exactly what a ‘Bon Ton' is, read on. Bon Tons are convenient little bone shaped carriers, which handily clip either to your belt or to your dogs lead. They contain rolls of bags, which are ideal for depositing your baby's little poops in, so they can be disposed of quickly and efficiently.

When you and your pup go out for your daily and roll around in the park, it is essential that you are able to clean up after them as there is quite a hefty fine associated with fouling in a public place. With a stylish little Bon Ton always clipped to your dog's leash, you will never be out and about and caught short!

Essential 4: The Stylish ID Tag

ID Tags are now an essential requirement for any dog that likes to be out and about. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 advises that any dog (even if they are chipped or have a tattoo), in a public place must wear a collar and tag with the name and address of the owner written on it. Your telephone number is optional. This can be formatted in various ways, full address or if a small tag then the house number and postcode along with owners name is sufficient.

There are some beautiful dog tags on the market for your pet to choose from ranging from sparkly and glitzy to unique and funky. Keep your eye out for the companies who offer free engraving with their tags!

Essential 5: The luxury Bed

There are many different types and styles of dog beds on the market today and it is up to you as the owner to decide which kind will best suit. The size of your dog is an important consideration. You want your pup to have their own space where they can relax and spread themselves out comfortably, so always buy a bed that is slightly larger than him. This allows for movement and also room for growth in growing pups.

The quality of your dog's bed is again not something to skimp on. It has to withstand your pup's tendency to chew, drool and claw without falling to pieces. There are many beds out there, which can be unzipped apart and washed accordingly. This really is essential, as your dog's bed will become smelly very quickly without a spin in the washer once in a while!

If you shop around, you will easily be able to find a luxury dog bed that fits right in with your own furnishings and colour scheme!

Essential 6: The A La Carte Dog Bowls

To make dinner something to look forward to for your dog, always choose food and water bowls either with a bit of weight to them or with non-slip feet so your hungry pup doesn't have to chase their dinner around the kitchen floor! Also take into consideration the size of your dog; a large Great Dane will needs much more food and water than a little baby Chihuahua! It is vitally important that your dog has access to fresh clean water 24 hours a day.

Many dogs at dinnertime have the rather attractive tendency to virtually inhale their food as if there was no tomorrow! A great solution to this is to look for ‘Eat Better' and ‘Drink Better' dog bowls. Their unique design stops your mutt from getting his snout to the bottom of the bowl as easily, which significantly slows down their eating. This design is fantastic for stopping any regurgitation, bloat and helping with weight control. They also come in very funky designs and colours, which is a bonus for you and your dog!

Essential 7: The Endlessly Entertaining Dog Toy

Dogs need huge time commitments from their owners and are naturally very playful. There will undoubtedly be times when your pup needs to amuse themselves whilst you are otherwise occupied, and well chosen dog toys will provide you with some peace and quiet as well as saving your furniture, slippers and newspapers from gnawing, clawing and drool!

Choose dog toys appropriate to your pet's size. Its no fun for your playful pup if the toy you've chosen is too large for them to pick up.

Essential 8: The Great Grooming Set

This essential is particularly useful for longhaired breeds of dog. After you've been for a roll around in the park you may need to give your pet a hand to get all of the dirt and tangles out of their coat, as if they are left, your dogs pretty little coat may become matted and matted hair will have to be cut out! Look out for grooming accessories specific to longhaired dog breeds.

There are also dog-grooming accessories specific for shorthaired pups. Regular grooming not only helps to de-tangle beautiful coats, but also helps to keep your dogs skin and coat clean and healthy.

Written by Rachael Wood, owner of Little Scruffs Pet Boutique. If you require any of the products described in the article, including dog collars, Eat Better dog bowls and dog ID tags , visit our friendly, quirky boutique to see a range of beautiful supplies that will make their little eyes light up! 
Site: www.LittleScruffs.com or email enquiries@littlescruffs.com.

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