Compare Healthy Treats For Crazy Goodness In A Dogs Life.

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by Rebecca Foxton

Healthy treats are always a big hit with , and it is absolutely essential that your dog have nutritious snacks.

Treats are also very effective during training to reinforce positive behaviors, and especially in maintaining high morale for long strenuous exercises.

Obviously you should put great consideration into what type of treats should be offered.

Just imagine what would happen if you gave your child chocolate every time he exhibited good behavior. Inadvertently, you will most likely wind up with a child that is overweight and unhealthy.

This is also true for your dog. We all know that dogs will eat whatever they want, without regard to their health, so as responsible pet owners, we have to make the for them.

Thankfully pet food creators have devised a range of healthy treats that save you time, money and brainwork, so you can get on enjoying your playtime with your pet.

Take for example Petravet Essential Vitamins Chicken Strips, a high protein snack fortified with vital vitamins such as A and E, essential for good health.

Because they are made using 8lbs of 100% real chicken breast, this low fat snack may benefit dogs with skin conditions and they are packed with disease fighting antioxidants.

Not only are these Chicken Strips made out of the highest quality ingredients, but they can also help improve your dog’s oral health by freshening breath, strengthening , and keeping gums healthy, all by removing plaque build-up.

It’s hard to find a more natural treat than Pig Ears. Your dog will go crazy for this simple, yet wonderful, healthy treat.

Beefeaters Pig Ears for dogs are slow roasted to produce a canine pleasing texture and gourmet taste. Your dog will be crazy about them!

Owners rave about them, as they are longer lasting than most other dog treats, giving your pet hours of chewing pleasure.

These slow roasted pig ears are packaged in lots of 25 pig ear treats, and since they are dried, they have a long shelf life, similar to that of beef jerky.

This means that the nutrition is sealed in and your dog gets a gourmet treat from the very first bite.

They taste great, dogs them, and they are low in fat, meaning they are an immensely healthy dog treat.

Preservative-free, these treats are not only easy to digest but also aid with removing plaque from dogs’ teeth as they are chewed, which will help keep your dog’s gums and teeth healthy, and help keep his dentist away!

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