Permanent Dog Training

by Stuart M.Russell

Owning a dog is probably among the best experiences a human being could possibly have. It can also become a nightmare if you let the dog behave in anyway it wants. Bad habits are easily developed, and are no different to children in this aspect. You'll have to train the dog to cooperate with you, whether it's feeding, walking, playing, sleeping or toilet training.

Having a well-trained dog can be a great pleasure, but getting there is not very easy. It is a journey that you and your dog have to make together – trite as that sounds, it is true. First of all, make sure that everybody in the family has something to do with the dog, and is familiar with it.

Then, you have to agree on what the dog's role is going to be, and where the is allowed in the house – work out all the details. Your dog needs very specific and reliable instructions if it is to be trained properly.

Once all the details are worked out, stick to it and make a routine out of it all. Dogs are habitual creatures and when they know what's to be expected, they are more secure and happy.

Feeding times are very important. Do not feed it outside those times, though the occasional treat is fine. The dog needs a fixed schedule it can depend on, regarding when it will be fed and when it will be let out or taken for walks. If this routine is broken, you cannot really blame the dog for making messes it is not supposed to make.

After the fundamentals are established and the dog is properly trained accordingly, you can move on to teaching it simple tricks and improve its obedience. Give the dog a treat when it does something right and shower some praise.

Every time your dog does something right, encourage and pet it, and let it know that it did something right.

A dog will make mistakes during the training period, but don't lose your temper at that. You can't train a gentle loving creature like a dog by putting in fear to it, so focus on treating it with love and respect and you'll have a well-trained dog forever.

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