A Dog Shower is the Easiest Way to Clean Your Dog

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I have three dogs, and only one of them “tolerates” baths very well. So, it’s always an adventure when bath-time rolls around. (Given the chance, I just let them chase a ball into a lake to get a good cleaning). Peter Mason has some suggestions that might help.

All breeds of dog need to be groomed and bathed on a regular basis, no matter what the length of their coat. Most will enjoy being clean, you can see how playful they become after their grooming sessions, even if the actual bathing experience is not always easy. Your dog will love the fuss you make of it when it is well groomed, and a clean dog is much more fun to train than a dirty one.

Some dogs have coats that repel dirt and pollution effectively whilst others seem to positively attract it. The state of your dog’s coat will also depend greatly on the environment you live in, the dog’s exposure to dirt and the type of food it eats. The only golden rule about bathing frequency is; when your dog smells like a dog, he needs bathing!

The bathtub is the most practical place to bathe your dog. You will need hot and cold to get the shampoo out of their coat, as well as a dog attachment for a faucet and a rubber mat to prevent slipping. You should start bathing your dog when still a and easy to maneuver in and out of the tub. As they get bigger the dog should be able to climb in and out of the tub unaided, but you should encourage them by giving them a treat once they are in the bath and another once the bathing is finished. Teaching your dog to stand on command will help you to get them in and out of the tub. Although there are exceptions, most dogs will enjoy the attention of being bathed in the tub and the warm water should make them relaxed and calm.

If you use full strength shampoo it will take a long time to rinse your dog and get all the soap out of their coat. Rinsing is easier and quicker if you use shampoo diluted with water. A mild herb shampoo that you would use for yourself is ideal. Giving your dog a final rinse in a solution of apple cider, vinegar and water will help to repel fleas and skin parasites. This will also avoid skin irritations by balancing the pH levels in the dog’s skin, and will leave them with a really shiny coat. Dry them thoroughly with a thick towel to absorb as much water as possible, or they will try to shake the water out of their coat when they get out of the bath.

If your dog is small, bathing him in the kitchen sink may cause less strain on your back. Alternatively you could use a washtub outside, which will prevent too much water on the floor in your house, but may not be practical in winter or if access to warm water is difficult.

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Tip: It’s a good idea to stock up on bath products for your dog so you don’t run out right in the middle of a bath.

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