Chocolatey Goodness: Labrador Retrievers

Chocolatey Goodness: Labrador Retrievers

The choice of getting is a big one. Having a fish isn’t much of a responsibility, it is also not as fun as owning a dog. Having a dog entails a lot of things and your readiness will affect your life as well as the . You must know yourself and your capabilities before jumping into any decision that you might regret later.

are a apart from their Yellow and Black relatives. In an era gone by, Chocolate Labradors were considered as genetic anomalies. If a Labrador is born with a Chocolate coating, then it is considered to tainted or abnormal. Black Labradors were revered, Yellow ones were acceptable but Chocolate Labradors were persecuted.

Labrador Retriever

In the past, they would drown Chocolate Labradors to sort of expunge them from the Labrador genes. What happened was that the genes that made Chocolate Labradors became almost non-existent. Today only a small number of Labradors produce puppies that are colored chocolate.

So it is such a relief for Labrador lover’s that during the 1970’s, were accepted as purebred . Dog breeders conceded and stopped considering Chocolate Labradors as genetic anomalies, because studies that genetic mutation really did cause Labradors to have Chocolate pigmentation.

When a breeder shows you pedigree papers and registrations, be wary. Fake papers are a dime a dozen. Find a reputable breeder who really specializes in Chocolate Labradors. It may be a bit expensive, but you will be able to save yourself from future problems.

The unfortunate thing is that purebred Chocolate Labradors are supposed to be kind, gentle, loving and intelligent. Labradors are generally easy to raise and handle, they do not have the attitude problems that other breeds have. In fact, like the Black and Yellow ones, Chocolate Labradors are resourceful and well balanced. They have high adaptability skills, which is great for training them to learn highly stylized skills.

To get purebred Chocolate Labradors go to a reputable breeder and inquire about Chocolate Labradors. You may have to wait for a while for that Hershey colored pet, because it takes time to find the right stud and dame to produce Chocolate Labradors. You see, in order to produce Chocolate Labradors, a dame and a stud must be genetically compatible and must have the alleles needed to sire a Chocolate colored offspring. It is a complex process, of working closely with geneticists, testing and choosing the parents, and calculating the probability that the parent will even produce any offspring at all.

However, if you are one of those lucky ones who will and can find Chocolate Labradors, be responsible. Take care of your , make sure that you are ready for the arrival of the puppy and that you have everything he needs. Prepare the place in which he is to stay in. Provide proper , care and attention, and you will reap the rewards of having a Chocolate Labrador.

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