Pomeranians 101: Exotic Pomeranian Puppies

by Rosie Allan

There is a lot of prejudice in the world. There is also a lot of prejudice with some dog owners who see as fashion accessories and not the family partners they crave to be if you give them half a chance. have always been popular, which has lead to some health problems. For decades, they have been bred for quantity rather than quality. Today, standard and exotic puppies are bred in misery in mills. mills supply many Internet sites that sell puppies and all pet stores, no matter what color the puppy is.

Purebred can produce a large variety of and shades. But some colors are allowed in the show ring, some are not, and very few straddle both realms of “acceptable” and “not acceptable”. Exotic Pomeranian puppies are only different from standard Pomeranian puppies in their coloring. Otherwise, they are Pomeranian puppies through and through.

Exotic Pomeranian puppies will still be built like standard Pomeranian puppies, no matter what their color. Since the Humane League of the United States says that one quarter of all abandoned are purebreds, the chances are good that your suspected exotic Pomeranian puppy is a purebred. will help you determine what the strengths and weaknesses of your potential puppy are. You also will be better prepared for medical problems later on.

Any standard or exotic Pomeranian puppies from these places will be sickly, neurotic and most likely not even purebred. There is no way to prove that the registration papers of any dog have been faked or not. The advent of DNA testing might change that, but not for years yet.

Exotic Pomeranian puppies are delicate, almost to the point of ridiculousness. They can be killed by jumping from your arms to the floor or by simply being stepped on. You need to always be aware of where such a creature is. Chihuahuas are tougher than a Pomeranian. Cats are tougher than a Pomeranian.

Exotic Pomeranian puppies come in blue, parti-color (some patches of solid color on a mostly white body), chocolate (a dark brown), beaver (another shade of brown), lavender (a shade of light grey) and blue merle (must be seen to be believed). With the exception of blue merle, none of these colors are dramatic enough to catch the average person's attention. And yet, exotic Pomeranian puppies cost many hundreds of dollars, even from responsible breeders.

Exotic Pomeranian puppies are wary of strangers, having been bred to guard their people. They may not jump up to the bars of their cage, wagging away, at the shelter. They usually cower in the back.

You need to win their trust and friendship, which is usually pretty easy to do. Pomeranians cannot resist being adored, and a slow, steady person will soon have a bundle of exotic Pomeranian puppy in their laps.

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