The Information You Need From A Beagle Breeder

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by Michelle Adams

Getting your next (or even a ) from a Beagle breeder is a lot more expensive than going to a pet store, but you get a lot more for your money. Not only that, you are assured that your puppy was not bred in inhumane conditions at a puppy mill. Most pet stores and online sites in America that sell and ship get their from these barbaric puppy mills, where are treated worse than battery hens.

The advantages of going to a Beagle breeder is that your puppy is healthy, is socialized, is from a place where you can meet the parents and where you can ask all the questions you want about your prospective puppy. And, unlike a pet store or Internet puppy mill site, you will be asked just as many questions about your canine experience and Beagle information before you will be allowed to buy a puppy.

With great Beagle breeders, you should not just drive up, pluck a , hand over the cash and drive off. It should be a long process to assure not only a healthy pup, but for you to know what you are getting yourself in for.

Any Beagle breeder who treats you with contempt or belittles you should be avoided. You also need to know if they are licensed and if their stock is registered.

Make an appointment to see the Beagle breeder’s kennels. way you can find out what kind of background your Beagle puppy is coming from. Beagle kennels, like all dog kennels, should have healthy, friendly dogs. There should not be a noticeable foul smell, any overcrowding, any sickly dogs or any dogs living in stacked crates one on top of each other. There might be quarantine areas you will not be allowed to see, because sick dogs are in there. This is normal.

The basic things to hammer down are what things you are paying for and what the Beagle breeder covers. There should be a contract – NEVER go just on a verbal agreement. An ethical Beagle breeder will take the puppy back if your vet proves the puppy is ill. An ethical breeder will take the puppy back NO MATTER HOW OLD the dog is if you encounter a disaster and have to give the dog up.

Also ask if the will be registered with the AKC. If not, then they should be less than $1000. If you still have some doubts even after your visit, check with the agriculture department of your state to see if that kennel has ever been cited for health or business violations.

Great Beagle breeders also have an ethical attachment to any they bred. Ask if, for any unforeseen reason, you have to give up the dog (no matter what age), will the breeder take the dog back (no refund, of course!) Great Beagle breeders will – and will even put it in writing!

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