What You Should Know About The German Rottweiler

What You Should Know About The German Rottweiler

Basically a is a dog that is born in Germany while an is a dog that is born in the United States. Although there are not very many differences between the two forms of Rottweiler, one of the biggest differences is that all born after June 1998 have tails. However, don’t be fooled by who claim the size, heads, bone and temperament of Rottweilers are different between the German and American breeds. Rather the standards between the two breeds are nearly identical aside from the tail.


The Rottweiler breed originally started in Germany and originally descended from the Roman drover dogs which is a very old breed. Germany still breeds many of the Rottweilers and many U.S. bred dogs are imported from Germany. The biggest difference between the two forms of the Rottweilers is in how they are registered, tracked and bred. There isn’t much difference when it comes to appearance.

In the United States a litter can be registered with the if two purebred dogs are bred. Although in Germany two breeding dogs can only be approved by the breed warden. The breed warden personally oversees and approves all litters and is a representative of the national Rottweiler club, known as the ADRK (the official German kennel club). A litter cannot be registered if it doesn’t have the warden’s approval. When a reaches eight weeks of age they are tattooed with a number that is used to track them throughout their life.

In order for a German Rottweiler to be bred they must meet specific criteria. Included in these criteria is an test, hip and elbow clearances, a conformation evaluation that includes weights, measurements and proportions and a written evaluation by an ADRK judge and a temperament test.

If a dog is still bred after they fail a test then their offspring can never be registered. An annual book contains the information of every dog along with the ADRK database which records all registered Rottweilers in Germany from the point or birth until death.

Although whether the dog is German Rottweiler or an American Rottweiler getting a top quality dog is always a balance of genetics, pedigrees, knowledge, experience and little bit of trial and error. What really makes the difference between the American and German Rottweiler is the individual person’s breeding program.

Breeders will often focus their litters on a specific area such as working ability, soundness and genetic health, temperament and finally structure and type. Although the best breeder you can find is one that tries to breed all of these qualities in their dogs.

Many breeders will claim to have German Rottweilers but they are actually just backyard breeders. This is why you always want to ask to see a breeders’ certification and then check it before you adopt a dog from any breeder. Make sure you read the breeders code of ethics carefully before purchasing a dog from any breeder. This way you can be sure you are getting your dog from a reputable breeder and not a .

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