The Truth About Dog Chew Toys

Most actually need and will appreciate toys, as they usually can find fun with toys. you as a dog owner, these toys can help manage your dog’s natural inclination to keep on chewing. If you select the right toys, you can keep your dog away from things in the house which you do not like him to gnaw. Besides, chewing can also encourage teeth and gum health and can relieve anxiety and boredom. So, what exactly you should look for when choosing chew toys?

Choose the Right Size

Different dogs are in different sizes, and you should choose just the right size toy your dog. If the toy is too big, many dogs do not want to play with it at all. On the other hand, however, if the toy is too , you dog might accidentally swallow it and choke on it. So, you really should know your dog’s breed and size very well to pick the right toy size. Fortunately, many reputable dog toy manufacturers often have detailed description on the toy label to help you decide if the toy is for your pet.

Make Sure the Toy is Safe

Needless to say, the safety features of the chew toys should be thoroughly considered when you choose them. Dependent on your dog’s breed, a chew toy that is too might damage his teeth. If the toy is too soft, however, it might bring about accidental ingestion of torn or chipped parts. It is a general rule that you should avoid chew toys with small beads, buttons, strings, wire, bells and fake fur. Even a mild-tempered dog could rip off small parts and swallow them, resulting in choking, mouth wounds, and damage to the intestines and constipation.

Pick a of Toys

You do not want to have a full box of chew toys your dog, but you should at least several. If a dog plays with only one toy, he can easily get bored. To keep him interested in toys, you should have some to rotate. Chew toys with edible treat are also smart choices, as they encourage dogs to play with them.

Watch Your Dog and His Toys

Chew toys are not pet nannies so you should at least keep an occasional eye at your dog while he is at play. This will help you respond faster in case your dog is about to ingest a non-edible part.

From time to time, you should check the status of the chew toys. A defective or partly damaged toy could become a health risk your dog. Replace toys that have tears, partly dislodged parts or extremely worn out surfaces.

Your Veterinarian Counts

If you are not sure whether a chew toy is appropriate your dog, the first person you should consult is your veterinarian. He might even be able to recommend good toy brands or retailers.

As said, dog chew toys can bring enormous benefits to a dog’s physical and psychological health. With all the tips discussed in this article, you are certainly able to pick up toys that are not just enjoyable but also safe to your pet.

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