The Poodle

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by Lisa A Collins

It is commonly understood that the Poodle is one of the most intelligent of all canines. Often the Poodle doesn’t give their owner much trouble and provide their owner with a consistent companion that is interesting and responsive. The also has excellent talent and versatility, which gives them a high aptitude in learning.

Although it is thought the originated in France they actually originated in Germany. The old water dog known as the Pudel is closely related to the Poodle especially when it comes to the coat and body form. On occasion the breed will still display an eager fondness for water even thought they are no longer bred as sporting dog to retrieve waterfowl.

However, there are other things to consider and not just the history of the breed. There is also a history behind the standard poodle cut, which leaves tufts of hair on the thighs and around the feet.

The most famous aspect of the Poodle is their hair cut with the face, legs and body shaved, leaving tufts of hair on the thighs and rings of hair on the feet. The exact origin of this hair cut and custom is not known but this form of hair cut reduces the labor of daily for the Poodle as a housedog, which means it is easy for the owner to maintain the coat in good condition so the dog can be pleasant in appearance and healthy.

The hair can twist into cords and continue to grow if the Poodle coat isn’t brushed constantly. The entwining of the new and unshed hairs then results in a rope like cord. This cord can then cause discomfort and a lack of freedom in the animal’s movement if left untrimmed. This is why you want to maintain a short hair cut for your Poodle, although this doesn’t mean you have to maintain the standard Poodle cut.

The curly haired Poodle has advanced the most throughout time when it comes to popularity. The Poodle makes a pleasant companion due to their smart and clean appearance as long as they are brushed and combed regularly with the occasional washing. Black, white, brown and blue are the most common colors of the Poodle.

The white Poodle is considered the most intelligent and is often preferred by many professional trainers. The black Poodle is next when it comes to intelligences while the brown and blue Poodles are considered to be lacking in character. The curly coated Poodles have improved since the early 1900’s and today many fine specimens of the can be found.

Also gaining in popularity recently has been the toy poodle. These are no more than fifteen inches in height at the shoulder and should look exactly like a miniature version of the full-sized dog, following the same official standards as the full sized Poodle.

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