Avoiding Fake Boston Terrier Breeders

by Wendy Caples

Terriers are expensive when you buy them from a proper breeder and when you buy from breeders there are certain ways that you can tell if they are legitimate business people or not. You always want to make sure that you are buying your Boston Terrier from a reputable and honest breeder because a dishonest breeder will try and sell you a potentially unhealthy animal which can become a large problem down the road when you and your family may be faced with expensive vet bills and tough decisions.

One tell tale sign of whether or not a is legitimate or not is if they offer you on your Boston Terrier to extend to after the sale. Be sure you get this guarantee in writing as many dishonest Boston Terrier breeders will promise you insurance and then there will be nothing when you go to use it. Insurance companies give breeders free pet insurance to extend to six weeks after you have purchased your in the hopes you will be inspired to buy a pet insurance extension so it is no expense to a legitimate breeder.

When you have your new Boston Terrier home from the Boston Terrier breeder's you and your breeder should not be losing contact with each other. A good breeder will be available to an owner at all times for consultation and to answer any questions that may come up. If you are calling your Boston Terrier breeder and they don't answer the phone, don't return your calls, or will not answer your questions then the chances are that you have yourself a fake breeder.

Boston Terrier breeders are also supposed to help novice owners with health advice and even guidance on the kinds of foods your Boston Terrier should be eating. A good breeder will send you home with detailed care instructions on feeding your new pet and will also send you home with samples of their food to help get you started. Once again if the breeder disappears on you then chances are they are not a very good breeder.

As was mentioned earlier you and your Boston Terrier breeder should always be in contact with each other throughout most of your dog's life. If your Boston Terrier becomes ill, or if you find that you can no longer care and keep it, then a legitimate Boston Terrier breeder will offer to take the dog back.

A breeder becomes successful based on a helpful and professional reputation and this is just one of the above and beyond services any legitimate breeder will offer.

Unfortunately if you have purchased your Boston Terrier from a fake breeder then there is not much you can do beyond suing the breeder to get your money back. You are encouraged to report the breeder to the American Kennel Club or whatever they are listed with but in all reality there is not a lot they can do to make your situation right.

Before you purchase a Boston Terrier from any breeder always check out the breeder with the American Kennel Club to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate business.

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