Your Dog Needs Toys But For Important Reasons

The similarities between and children are numerous. Children need a lot of attention to grow up properly and can become a law unto themselves if they are not looked after well. Dogs, like children can be quite handful if they are left to think for themselves.

Another area where are alike is in the area of toys. There are several toys for dogs in the market that are purchased for several reasons. These reasons include:

– Teething: Dogs teeth just as babies do and like babies, they tend to experience a degree of pain and itching in their mouth. The itching sensation that accompanies teeth is what usually propels dogs to munch on your household items. You can purchase a toy for chewing that can keep the dog busy and help with the itch that the teething produces. A frozen nylon bone will be good for a chewing dog to munch on. In selecting chew toys for your dog, pick the ones that are durable and tasty.

Dogs need to be trained not to chew. It can be frustrating to have a dog that nibbles everything you have from your bathroom slippers to your cushion pillows. Buying a chew toy or a dog toy for your dog forms part of its training as it learns not to chew your stuff.

– Dental health: Chew toys help to keep your dog's teeth in perfect condition. A good chew toy will help a dog exercise its teeth and gums properly.

– Tricks: Some dogs are trained to perform tricks using toys. tricks like shaking hands with a stranger or standing on their hindlegs. Training a dog to perform tricks may be for entertainment or even as a source of income.

– Reward marker: You can use a dog toy that your dog may particularly like to reward it anytime it exhibits a desirable behavior. As a reward marker, dog toys make an excellent source of motivation for the dog. In addition, you should endeavor to always reward your dog when it performs a command accurately. In the same vein, punish your dog when it fails to obey your commands. Discipline and love should go hand in hand if you are to train your dog successfully.

– Mood enhancer: Some dogs with psychological problems tend to perk up at the sight of a toy and forget their problems. Some dog psychologists recommend dog toys for some very moody dogs.

Dog toys are of different shapes and sizes and are used for varying reasons. You need to find out which toy best fits your dog before you purchase it.

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