How Can I stop Puppy From Chewing?

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All puppies to chew on just about anything they can get their into. Sadly, ’s chewing can cost you lots of money to repair damaged furniture and personal belongings. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can keep your puppy’s off of your valuables.

Puppies are just so cute. Is there anyone who is not entertained when a puppy chews on a sock? They wags their little tail, do that little puppy-growl, and then chews like crazy until that sock lies in tiny shreds on the floor. However, puppy suddenly becomes a lot less cute when it is YOUR sock he is chewing on, doesn’t he? The largest cost incurred by all has got to be from replacing or repairing chewed up stuff. Without fail, puppy will chew the most when you either aren’t home or you aren’t looking.

Stopping puppy from chewing is a process that starts with puppy-proofing your home. Puppy needs boundries so try and keep him confined to parts of your home where he can’t get into too much trouble. Puppies are like little children – you wouldn’t leave your toddler unattended – don’t leave your puppy unattended, either. Plan to buy a baby gate to keep your puppy from wandering around the house without being watched.

Keep your valuables and collectibles out of puppys reach. Coffee tables need to be free of magazines, books, and yes, even the remote control. Store these things in higher places where puppy can’t reach. Don’t forget, if your puppy gets a hold of marbles, coins, or other small objects, he could choke while chewing on them! Be sure these small things are picked up and out of puppy’s reach at all times.

Puppies get so excited at times and when puppy is excited, he chews – a lot. This is puppy’s way of releasing his pent up energy. Keep in mind that your puppy doesn’t know when he’s done something wrong unless you tell him. When puppy does chew on your belongings, resist the urge to spank him. Good puppy owners know that their puppy has chewed up something, that he may very well be responding to your behavior. When you leave and make a big deal out of it, puppy will get all worked up. Puppy doesn’t know the proper way to release his excitement, so, puppy chews.

Get your puppy a chew toy or ten. When he must chew, at least he will chew on something that is meant for chewing. Nylon rope puppy toys help to clean puppy’s while he is releasing his emotional energy.

Don’t forget, if you stay calm, puppy will most likely stay calm, too. Try to resist the urge to make a big deal to puppy when you are leaving. When you come home, forget the dramatics, and be as calm as you possibly can.

Puppies are so adorable and can be very excitable . The very excitement that makes puppy adorable also makes puppy chew on everything in sight. To help , stay calm around your puppy as much as possible. With consist effort on your part, training your puppy to only chew on his puppy chew toys will be obtained.

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