Puppy Stop Chewing on My Shoes!

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Your loves to chew. He will chew on just about anything he can sink his little puppy into. Puppy’s chewing can cost you big bucks when you try to replace all your chewed up goods, too. Thankfully, with a few simple tricks and tips, you can get puppy chewing his toys – and not YOUR socks.

Everyone is entertained when watching a chew on a sock. That puppy-tail wagging as they do that little puppy-growl, chewing like crazy until that sock lies in itty-bitty pieces on the floor. Thing is, puppy suddenly becomes a lot less entertaining when it is YOUR sock he is chewing on, doesn’t he? One of the largest costs incurred by puppy owners is from replacing chewed up stuff. It never fails, puppy will chew the most when you either aren’t looking or you aren’t home.

To begin to stop puppy from chewing you will need to puppy-proof your house. Puppy also needs to be confined to areas of your home where he can’t get into too much trouble. Puppies are like small children – you shouldn’t leave your puppy unattended – even when you are home. Go ahead and buy a baby gate to keep your puppy from wandering around and chewing up your stuff.

Keep anything important or valuable of puppys reach. Low tables need to be free of magazines, books, and remote controls. Make sure these things are in higher places where puppy can’t reach. Don’t forget, if your puppy gets a hold of small objects like marbles or little toy pieces, he could choke while chewing on them! Keep your puppy safe by keeping small and dangerous items out of his reach.

Puppies can get very excited and I know my puppy seems to chew more when they he is all worked up. It is a way of releasing pent up energy. He doesn’t know that he has done anything wrong unless you tell him so. If puppy does chew on stuff in the house, resist the urge to spank him. Your puppy may very well be responding to your behavior with his chewing. Leaving and entering the house showing a lot of emotion (waving wildly at puppy) will get puppy all worked up. Puppy doesn’t know what to do with his heightened emotional level, so, he chews.

Consider investing in some puppy . Puppy chew toys give your puppy something appropriate to chew on as opposed to your shoes. Nylon rope puppy toys help to keep puppy’s clean while he is chewing his heart out.

Always remember, if you stay calm, puppy will stay calm, too. Try to resist the urge to make a big deal to puppy when you are leaving. When you come home, forget the dramatics, and be as calm as you possibly can.

Puppies are highly-excitable animals. This excitement can cause that adorable puppy of yours to chew on everything in sight. To avoid destruction, stay calm around your puppy and remember; this too shall pass. With consist behavior and , training your puppy to only chew on his chew toys will pay off.

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