Beagle Breeders: How To Tell If Yours Is Honest

by Michelle Adams

There is a growing epidemic in country. A recent spike in the popularity of beagles has led to the rise of a great many dishonest who run mills to meet the growing demand for these sweet little dogs. These mills, as a general rule, supply the majority of pet stores in country; which is why many would-be owners wind up taking sick or dying dogs home with them.

For anyone that is a would-be beagle owner, it is absolutely vital that you understand the conditions that these puppy mills their dogs into. Even the most inexperienced would be horrified to learn how rarely new blood is brought into these mills, and at how often the bitches are forced to be bred. In this article, I will attempt to you why it is so important that you only purchase a beagle from a well-respected beagle breeder, as opposed to a pet store that is most likely supplied by one of these puppy mills.

Puppy mills are generally relied upon to supply the pet stores, simply because no honest beagle breeder will. These puppy mills set about to produce as many pups as possible, is as short a time as possible, caring little for the conditions in which the pups are bred or raised.

Puppy mills will often breed their females every time they are in season, simply to continue to meet the growing demand for new pups. As a female beagle's system is weakened each time she has a litter, this often results in unhealthy – or even dying – pups being delivered to the pet stores.

Also, the beagle breed is quite prone to certain genetic health defects that have been caused by the previous interbreeding policies of so many unscrupulous beagle breeders. The pups that result from a puppy mill are often the offspring of several generations that have been bred together to create more pups quickly. Very rarely is new blood brought into a puppy mill. This interbreeding accounts for a great many of the health problems faced by even honest breeders.

In order to ensure that you are not helping to put money into the pocket of a dishonest beagle breeder, it is important that you stay away from buying a beagle at your local pet store. Even if the pet storeowner has the best of intentions as far as not trying to buy pups from these breeders, most of them are still only concerned for the supply and demand that has arisen from the growing popularity of this little .

An honest beagle breeder will never sell their pups to a pet store, preferring to keep them in a warm and comfortable kennel where they will receive only the very best in care and medical treatment. And an honest beagle breeder will be very picky as to whom they will sell a .

By refusing to buy pups from pet stores supplied by puppy mills, you can rest assured that you are doing your part to ensure a long and healthy future for these little dogs.

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