Dog Toys – Stimulating a Restless Companion

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Dogs can get bored and easily. This is usually when they cause problems. They need to be stimulated through play. Your dog needs plenty of playtimes with you, but you can't always play with your dog and this is when toys are important. Toys can satisfy a number of a dogs needs. There are some basic toys available for dogs and hundreds of different selections. When for your dog, consider its size and what it enjoys doing.

First off, toys must be appropriately sized for dogs. Logically, toys are better for small dogs and large toys are better for larger dogs. You can see how a small would probably be destroyed or swallowed by a large dog and a large toy would be too big for a small dog's mouth. Along this same line of thinking, you should match the toy to your dog's chew strength. Heavier chewers would need stronger, more and softer chewers would need lighter, easier to gnaw on toys. would need softer toys that should be replaced as the dog grows.

You may walk in a dog store and pick out toys that are colorful. Unfortunately, a dog has a difficult time distinguishing color and it would be wiser to pick out toys of different shapes, sizes, flavors and smells. Remember, a dog's strongest sense is smell, so choose toys with aromas. A selection of five or six toys, that are rotated frequently, should be enough to keep your pet actively engaged.

There are different toy categories to choose from and the deciding factor will be what your dog likes to do. There are chewing toys, fetching toys, playing toys and puzzle and treat toys. If your dog just loves to chew, then supplying him with some chew toys will keep your favorite slippers safe. An aggressive should be suited with a hard rubber and nylon toy that won't be easily broken down. Chew toys are also for dental health, so they will be a good option for almost any dog. Balls and Frisbees are always fun when playing fetch. The rope toy is great for a game of tug of war, but be cautious of playing this with an overly aggressive dog. Squeaker toys and glow or light up toys will keep your dog's interest, while the soft and plush toys are cute and fun. Treat toys will help with training and also ease a dog's separation anxiety. For the high energy and intelligent dogs, puzzle and treat teaser toys will test their minds. They teach the dog through play with them by hiding a treat inside. Just be careful to check all toys for possible pieces that may come loose and be swallowed.

As you can see, there are many types and selections of toys available to entertain and stimulate your pet. Taking into account their size, likes, chewing strength and intelligence, you can find the most suitable toys to keep their playtime interesting and fun.

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