Frickin’ Good Puppy Treats For Brilliant Nutritional Delight!

Frickin' Good Puppy Treats For Brilliant Nutritional Delight!
by Rebecca Foxton

Honest Kitchen has come up with some innovative doggie ideas, from the wonderfully-named Smooches, which are wholesome, natural cookies and Nuzzles, an evolution of one of the best selling varieties of Smooches, the luxuriously sinful Duck and Cherry.

Only Natural Pet Organic Fresh Kisses Biscuits freshen breath and clean with the unique peppermint and parsley formula. These biscuits will make your dog’s kisses a while lot sweeter.

Just because something is organic it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too

Your dog will enjoy these organic flavors from Castor & Pollux Organix Dog Cookeis – Organic Chicken, Cheese and Peanut Butter. Good Buddy treats, also by Castor & Pollux, come in a great variety of flavors such as Spearmint & Parsley, Peanut Butter, Cheese, and Carob, which is a safe alternative to chocolate for ourDog Health .

Monzie’s Organic Cookies for Dogs are baked fresh from nutritious and delicious ingredients like molasses and sesame seeds.

Now 100% USDA Certified Organic, Wet Noses delicious Apple Pie and Sweet Potato Pie treats make a distinct gift for the holidays.

If you are searching for a tasty organic treat for your dog that you can feel good about, look no further. A Dog’s Life Natural Hand-Baked Treats can be found in a variety of tempting flavors that you dog will , including Chicken & , Vegetable & Garlic, Bacon & Cheddar, and Peanut Butter.

There is nothing better for your dog than Newman’s Own Organics Dog Treats. These high protein biscuits are packed full of healthy vegetables and are free of wheat, soy, and nasty fillers.

An all natural, wheat free treat, made of the highest quality organic ingredients, Missing Link Healthy Delites Organic Dog Treats promote your dogs overall wellbeing by helping him stay at a healthy weight and encouraging proper digestion.

Nature Nosh Organic Gourmet Dog Treats are prepared with only the most healthy and wholesome ingredients. This amazing company makes the best possible treats for your pampered dog, and tries to help out those dogs who aren’t as fortunate by donating a portion of every sale to the Much Love Animal Rescue.

And for wholefood organic treats be good to your dog with Karma Organic Dog Treats with a high organic free range protein content and body-loving ingredients such as brown rice, quinoa, red beets, blueberries, and Green tea extract.

For the vegetarians out there, Muttrooms Baked Organic Mushroom Dog Treats offer a wonderful meat free alternative. These natural gourmet dog biscuits are produced from a combination of 5 different organic mushrooms for a treat that anyone can enjoy.

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