Super Healthy Dog Biscuits Are Top Rated Happy Pet Treats!

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by Rebecca Foxton

Your will heartily thank you for any one of the following scrumptious treats.

If your dog needs a little cooling off, try the innovative Ice Pups Dog Treat – add warm water and freeze into ice cube trays for melt-in-the-mouth cooling summer hydration.

High in Omega 3 and 6 and made with all natural human grade chicken and turkey, vegetables, fruit and herbs like mint, Canidae Snap Biscuits are the perfect biscuit for any size dog.

If your dog is especially sensitive to typical ingredients in dog snacks try Omega-rich , which like its are formulated for with allergies.

You'll find a huge variety of flavor options for your dog with Mother Nature Natural Dog Biscuits. These all sound good enough for ME to eat – Beef Stew Recipe with real sirloin beef, 4 Way Treat with chicken, turkey, cheese and apples, Buffalo Stew Recipe for a walk on the wild side, and Carrot Cakes or Peanut Butter Recipe for a sweet and savory desert!

Pawsitively Gourmet has created two new dog treats that sound like something fresh out of the oven in your grandma's kitchen. Fudge Brownies are a peanut butter flavored cookie smothered in yogurt and delightful carob, and Doggie Brownies come handily packaged in a two-pack. No, one is not for you!

Wysong Canine Biscuits are a convenient alternative to raw bones with 26% protein content and added vitamins and minerals, and a natural choice for fans of their regular dog food.

The hilariously named with Benefits are available in three dairy and sugar free varieties, each focusing on a specific health issue for your dog.

Happy Hips, containing beneficial Glucosamine and Chondroitin, are geared towards energetic dogs, or those starting to develop a bit of . Vitality treats, with added vitamins and flaxseed, are good for the skin, coat and eyes. Breathies freshen dog breath with mint and parsley.

Chicken flavored Merrick Breath Biscuits are the solution to stinky doggy breath. Dogs love the great chicken taste and the chlorophyll in them freshens breath to make everyone happy.

If you want the highest quality, healthy biscuits for your dog, organic is the way to go. A change to an organic lifestyle supports superior health, and there is a vast array of organic dog treats and biscuits available to help get you started.

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