FURminator deShedding Small

FURminator deShedding Small

Product Description

professional Tool quickly and easily removesundercoat and on long and short haired dogs and cats. It isguaranteed by to reduce shedding better than any brush, combor rake. The tool's stainless steel edge grabs loose undercoat hair andremoves it without damaging the topcoat. Used and recommended by petprofessionals worldwide. size: 1.75″ edge. Medium size: 2.65″ deShedding edge Large size: 4″ deShedding edge

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    • Irem
    • December 30, 2009

    The FURminator works much better than any other brand pet comb we tried (including Hartz and the ionizing types) for removing loose cat hair. We have used this for over a year now and can see a real difference in the amount of hair in the house (and in the vacuum cleaner) when we go for any length of time without using it.

    + Solid build with a good grip and metal teeth
    + Gets a lot of hair with each pass
    + Easy to clean
    + The cats like it to be used on them

    – Somewhat pricey, but it should last a very long time and it keeps the hairballs down

    The FURminator is a great product that really performs as advertised!

    Highly Recommended!

    • Fala
    • December 30, 2009

    We have two cats. Both are neutered males. One (four years old) is long haired and the other (three years) is short. Both are profuse shedders and the long-hair gives rise to numerous messy hairballs. Well, what’re we gonna do? We’re always cleaning up after them and have tried a variety of combs and small rakes. Just recently my wife saw a TV commercial about the Furminator and she just had to try it out of desperation. We purchased it at a local pet store, and it was way overpriced.

    This deshedding tool is just astonishingly effective. With the first use, it was almost hard to believe the amount of hair that this thing can remove from a cat! We almost filled a waste basket with cat hair from the two cats! We laughed and laughed at the sight. I still can’t believe it! I’ve never seen anything so effective. Did the cats struggle? Not a bit. In fact they both seemed to enjoy it and they came back for stroke after stroke.

    Finding this Furminator was a stroke of good luck. Hopefully, the hairball problem will now be solved and the amount of loose cat fur around the house will be greatly diminished. It was expensive, but well worth it!

    Gary Peterson

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