Discover How Easy It Is To Stop Puppy Biting Problems

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If you want to stop biting (and you do, of course want that), the magic word for you to use with your puppy is simply: No. Whenever your puppy displays , be it jumping on people, chewing things they oughtn’t, or biting, a firm “No” should be your response. If your puppy is taught this all important word as a puppy, they will obey this command for a lifetime.

Your has to learn that “No” is a word which they MUST listen to and associate it with them doing something they shouldn’t. Anytime you see your puppy engaging in like chewing your shoes, a firm “No” should ensue. If this along does not stop your puppy, a tap under the chin and another “no” should be used.

If even this fails, stronger methods must be used to correct the behavior. Consider how pack animals (like ) interact with each other. Having no verbal means of communication, they deter by growling and posturing, along with bumping. They encourage good behavior with barks and by means of facial expressions. If an undesirable behavior is engaged in by a pack member and the usual methods of discouragement fail, then fighting is used as the last resort.

Puppies learn how to behave by watching the pack. Your is no different, except that their “pack” consists of your family! You must step in and take the part of . Just as in the wild, if a member of the pack steps out of line, the pack leader will correct the behavior; so should you.

Stay calm, cool & composed You must not lose your composure when trying to stop biting or other bad behavior on the part of your puppy. No matter how angry you are at your puppy, DO NOT show it. Frightening your puppy will not work to correct their behavior. You want to teach them “don’t do what you are doing”, not make them afraid of you. Your puppy will learn, especially if you can keep your cool. Don’t intimidate your pet, just be firm and they will soon learn their place and which behaviors are expected of them.

Correct immediately A puppy does not have a very long memory. You must correct them immediately; if you wait, the puppy will not connect the behavior with the correction, which will leave you with a confused puppy. Puppies are programmed by their instincts to bite; but they must be taught that humans are not to be bitten. You must stop puppy biting, even when they give you play bites. At a young age, they must learn that biting humans simply is not acceptable.

The same principles of correction apply to other undesirable behaviors like jumping on people. While it may be cute to have a puppy jumping at you, this could become dangerous if left unchecked; just imagine a fully grown Great Dane thinking jumping is acceptable behavior! Say “No” and push your puppy gently away when they jump on you. If they listen and stop jumping, don’t forget to praise your puppy. This will reinforce the desirable behavior.

Knowing the right way to train your puppy will make the entire process much easier for you and your puppy both. SitStayFetch is an e-book on the topic which has been earning great reviews from everywhere. Written by dog trainer Daniel Stevens, this 150 page e-book covers everything you need to know about training your puppy. Easy to read and follow, this book gives good advice on how to correct problem behaviors as well as teaching your young dog new tricks!

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