Crate Training Puppies: a Good Idea

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by Training Diva

Have you wondered if is a good idea? Yes, it is a good idea because with the right expertise and training you can teach your or your to look at his or her crate as a secure place. This requires the correct approach, however, and the wrong one can spell disaster for your puppy and yourself as well.

When it comes to puppies, you need to first understand that the crate is not to be used as a means of punishment. Gently and gradually introduce crate training to your puppy. You should primarily use a crate for purposes, and the potty training process itself should be a truly happy and positive experience, if you want your puppy to view the crate as a positive thing.

Give your puppy a good balance between crate time and time out of the crate to be active. Dogs require a lot of exercise so that they can stay healthy. This is important as a part of , as is potty training puppy, too. If the puppy is in the crate for too long or too often, this can become a negative experience and negatively effect your puppy’s personality and behavior.

If your is out of the crate too often, this can allow too much time for the puppy to get into trouble. It might also make your dog feel insecure or overwhelmed. When it comes to , the following tips should make the process a lot easier for you and puppy.

If you are not present to supervise your puppy, you should make sure that your puppy is in his or her crate. This is just the same for if your puppy is actually a grown dog. Unless your dog is quite reliable with every stage of the entire process, you should limit freedom to make sure that there are not accidents.

Choose a crate that fits your dog’s size and weight. This may mean that you’ll buy larger crates as your dog grows. Don’t buy a crate that’s too large or too small for your dog. There are crates that are adjustable, but these are not normally enclosed. They do not give your dog the same level of security that a normal training crate would provide.

If you don’t know how long you should leave your dog in his or her crate at any one time, use your dog’s age in months to give you a rough estimate. For example, a one-month-old puppy can be crated for about an hour at a time. A 12-month-old puppy can be crated for much longer periods of time.

Never use your dog’s crate to punish him or her. Do not bang on or shake the crate, either. The crate is meant to be a place of safety, and violating it in such a fashion can lead to other behavioral problems as your dog ages.

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