What Dog Behavior Training Does Your New Pup Need?

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by David Harding

If you have children the discussion about getting a puppy has no doubt cropped up time and time again. You have also no doubt discussed the responsibilities your child or children will have to assume because you know what it takes to look after a new .

Prior to bringing the puppy home, bring your family together and have a meeting of what the rules will be for the and family. Write a chore list and distribute certain chores such as feeding, watering and walking the .

So when is the best time to start your new puppy’s ? As soon as possible. It will be best for the pup if it knows as soon as it arrives in your home what the rules are.

If this is the first time you are bringing a puppy into your house there are a few items you will need to take care of. Firstly inside the house you will need to designate a space where the will eat and sleep. Secondly it’s advisable to make space outside where the pup can go to the toilet.

It is also advisable for one person in the family to take an ‘alpha dog’ role when it comes to the behavior training of your new puppy. Although everyone will need to play their part in keeping the consistent, your pup will respond better to one person.

Consistency is crucial to behavior training for you puppy. Simple things like always praising your when it does something good or reprimanding it in the same way when it does something wrong will go a long way in getting the best behavior.

Some think that the growl method of training is silly or not useful, but watch a mother with her pups and you will soon realize that the puppy’s actions are curbed by a snap or growl. We are not saying to nip at your pet but a low growl or a sharp, “No” will cause the puppy to discontinue its unwanted behavior.

Behavior training should be done in the moment. This means that should your puppy start to do something you don’t want it to do like chew on a slipper, for instance, you will need to enforce discipline right there and then. The will not learn if you wait until later and then try and teach it not to chew on shoes.

It will also be in the best interest of effective behavior training if everyone uses the same techniques throughout the day.

Make no mistake, if you want order in your house with a around, you and the entire family will need to be involved in the behavior training. It will take a lot of patience but will be worth it in the end.

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