Utilizing a Dog Toy Box

are a man's best friend as the saying goes, but truthfully, they are a member of the family. How many times has your furry friend been the ruler of your household? In this way, they are like children, defenseless and dependent on you for their very livelihood. They also depend on you for their entertainment, as many a pair of shoes can attest to! This is one of the many reasons a dog box can be such a great idea.

A new puppy will chew, chew and chew some more! They will chew on wires, shoes, your favorite fishing pole or anything else they can wrap their little jaws around, including you. To combat this potentially destructive behavior someone very smart invented the concept of doggy chew toys. There are balls, bones and furry little toys all geared for one purpose to give your dog something safe to chew upon. All of these many toys need a dog toy box, not only to keep them out from under your feet, but also to give your pet an added bonus of always having the toys available to him.

A good dog toy box can really be made of any material but a strong plastic tub like box is probably best. Be sure that the box is low sided enough to allow your pet access but sturdy and tall enough to securely contain all the doggy chew toys. Pet stores will carry specially made toy boxes for dogs but realistically you can utilize any type of tub and save some money in the end.

In addition to keeping a neat home, a dog toy box provides your precious pet with much needed and stimulation. You pet will have a ball digging through the box to find that favorite chew toy! If you are very fortunate, you might even be able to train Fido to return his chew toys to the box when he is done playing with them. These activities will give your dog much needed exercise and also provide mental stimulation in the process.

One of the best aspects of the dog toy box is the convenience. You can simply move the box and all its contents into the area where the puppy will spend most of his . That way if you need to put your puppy in another room for instance like when company is arriving he will have no excuse for chewing on everything in sight. In addition they are a handy tool if you are going to take your puppy on an outing or long trip, you can simply pack up the toy box!

Make sure you change the toys out every once in awhile. Bring in new toys and remove the destroyed ones to keep the game fresh and exciting. You may find that your puppy quickly understands that there may be new undiscovered treasure in his dog toy box.

It does not take a great deal of money to create the perfect dog toy box. With a little time and creativity, you will soon have a box filled with safe toys to chew on and your house will thank you! You might be amazed how convenient and helpful a toy box for your dog will truly be.

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