Buying Pet Foods Made From By-products, Soy & Corn Or Real Meat?

by Rebecca Foxton

Isn’t your your best friend? You your best friend, and you want him to eat food that is healthy.

Choosing the right foods for your dog is vital, but with so many brands on the market ranging from all natural dog food, dry dog food, premium dog foods and so on, how can you make an informed decision about pet nutrition?

Always read the ingredient list of the food. Doing so will allow you to know what you’re feeding your pet, and also show you the differences in and treats. Try comparing between manufacturers of like Hill Pet and others. As you do this, you will get to know what you are feeding your pet instead of guessing.

Deciding on a dog food isn’t as hard as you may think; just read over the ingredients to determine the pros and cons. You’re on the right path if the first ingredients are human-grade whole meat, and you’re being led astray if the ingredients are primarily corn, soy and other fillers and by-products.

More than likely your pet would pass on his dog food if he got to choose. What dog wouldn’t skip the food and fill up on the delicious treats? No matter what, your dog would toss the food! However, if you choose foods and treats that are distributed in proper portions your dog will be much healthier.

If your dog suffers from food allergies (a growing trend), then take care to choose the right products that promote good dog nutrition for optimum health. The right balance of food groups, with essential vitamins and minerals is as good for pets as it is for us.

Most people know that natural pet foods are the best, like raw dog food, and some will only settle for organic dog food, but with time restrictions, cost, and nutritional knowledge being important factors in this argument, everyone needs to do what is best for them and their pet.

Many companies make pet foods which are designed to directly address a dog’s nutrition. Supplements may be necessary depending on the general health of your dog, its age and its diet. However, just like in humans, if the diet is adequate and balanced it should be enough to properly address all the nutritional needs.

To help you to choose the best dog food, including foods, look at the ingredient list and see especially what the first few items are. If by products show up there, put down the bag or can and try another.

Although your dog may like pet food, sometimes eat other things which may actually be harmful for them, for example chocolate. Chocolate is a classic example of toxic foods for dogs, so please check before giving your dog a treat!

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