How To Stop A Barking Dog

How To Stop A Barking Dog

by Lacy Holly

This has been a part of our lives at one point or another. Someone has a that barks all the time and it doesn’t ever seem to stop. What makes it even worse is when it is you own that is causing all that ruckus and you have no clue how to stop barking or where to even start.

At least we do know that all dogs for a reason, even though that reason may not always be as obvious as we’d expect. The main reason why a dog barks in the first place is to warn us of strangers who may be approaching the area.

However, if your dog is a chronic barker there are different causes you need to look at in order to stop barking dogs. ManyDog Behavior issues stem from boredom. You dog may be so desperate for some attention, that he will bark and bark and bark just to get your attention.

Also, check to see if your dog has food and water, this may be a reason why your dog wont stop barking. Also consider the temperature outside. Is it too hot or too cold for your furry friend to feel comfortable? If so, consider getting him a dog house or some sort of protection and shelter.

Either way, it is not that difficult to stop barking dogs if you just look first to see if their immediate needs are met. Spend quality time with your dog each day and make sure he has some toys to play with while you are gone.

Giving your dog some training will make a world of difference because you will be able to teach your dog a certain command that lets him know when he should stop barking. Plus, you and your dog will grow closer as you go through together.

Consider your neighbors. This is something I am well aware of because I was the neighbor of a chronic barker myself and I am well aware of how stressful it can be to have a dog you don’t own bark all throughout the day and night. Don’t be upset if your neighbor comes to you in desperation asking you to do something about the barking. Consider the possibility that your dog may bark a lot more when you are not home.

Even though our goal is to stop dog barking, we don’t want to get rid of it completely. Barking is the easiest way for our dogs to communicate with us and we don’t want to destroy that ability. So be sure to make sure his needs are fulfilled and then teach him when it is alright to bark and of course, when to stop barking.

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