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I write a ton (emphasize TON) of that deal with and how they interact with home and family. I’m always stuck doing a lot of research – for both topics and facts. Add to that the fact that I sometimes syndicate that were written by other authors if doing so satisfies my requirements. I have found a great resource for research and/or sydication, and that source is the Article home and family articles section of their directory.

Whether you are a website publisher or niche marketer, you can take advantage of article directories to find new and untapped niches to write about. I guarantee you’ll find good topics to explore (perhaps even become expert in), and you’ll get a glimpse of how a successful writer works. (Tip: Articles written by “expert authors”, and articles that have received comments, are both great ways to identify really good niches).

Article is a nicely organized . I use the home and family articles category at Article frequently. You should do the same if you’re serious about being a successful publisher.

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