How to Teach Your Dog to STOP Barking

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provides these valuable tips to help nuisance barking.

The family is a valued member of countless families all across the world. However your dog barking constantly and very loudly is generally not a very desirable trait. This makes a lot of dog owners want to begin training their dog to stop barking.

First of all before you begin training you dog to stop barking please realize that it is an unrealistic demand of your dog to be completely quiet all the time. However it is very possible to make sure that your dog is trained to show a bit more restraint when it comes to barking.

You will want to begin by attempting to determine what is making your barking get out of control. Do they seem irritated or excited due to a particular stimulant? If you are able to figure out just what is making your dog go out of control with its barking you are one step ahead on successfully getting the barking under control.

You should purchase some of your dog’s favorite treats to have on hand while training him to stop barking. Keep them in areas where your dog is known to bark frequently so you have them on hand for instant positive reinforcement.

One route you can take when you are trying to stop your dog from barking is once they start barking praise them for being a good dog and try to find out what the problem is. You will want to then tell them to be quiet while showing them one of the treats that you have on hand.

Your dog will be so focused on getting the treat that you are offering them that they will not be barking. After the dog has been quiet for around two to four seconds then let them have the treat while praising them for being a good dog.

You want to scold your dog each time that it barks during these training sessions. Tell then to be quiet in a loud and stern voice. Continue to offer them their favorite treat and each time increase the amount of time that they need to wait before being rewarded. Continue this until you have trained your dog to curb their barking habit so it is not so excessive.

Keep in mind that training your dog to curb it’s barking can be a long and drawn out process so it is very important to keep patient. It will definitely pay out in the long run which will make everyone in the family very happy.

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    • February 23, 2008

    Yes! But we have a dog that never barks but really want her to – especially when somebody drives up to our door. What should we do?

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