Whilst dog training, use these 5 steps to become the pack leader.

by Regenna Deruso

The first thing you should do when you want to start training your is to make sure that your sees you as the leader of the pack. This will make teaching him so much easier as he is already in a follower state of mind and will do what you want.

You see, in the dog world, the alpha dog is the leader of all the other . He does everything first and he also does what he wants when he wants. The alpha dog also gets the best toys and . He makes all the for the other pack and the other simply do what ever the alpha dog allows them to do. So, if your dog sees you as the leader, then he will learn and obey your commands much faster. Here are 5 ways you can become the leader and ensure your dog is a follower.

An excellent yet simple method to get your dog to start obeying your wants is in the way you present your dogs meals. Make sure you eat something first, even a small snack will work. Then after you are finished, you can begin preparing your dogs meal by pouring his into his bowl and mixing it with your hands. This simply distributes your sent throughout the food, further proving to your dog that you are in charge. Then make your dog sit before you place his bowl down. Doing this will reinforce you are the because in packs, the leader always eats first. Then once the leader is finished eating, the others may eat. This is a simple alpha training method that will help reinforce in your dogs mind that you are in charge.

One more method you can use to make sure your dog knows that you are the leader is when you come home. You see, in a dog's world, the leader is always greeted first. So, by you immediately greeting your dog when you first walk in the door, you are strengthening his position that he is indeed the leader. In order to emphasize that you are the leader, you need to ignore him when you first get home. I know this will be hard, but when you first walk in the door, greet all the people in your first, wait until your dog is calm, and then call him over and give him as much attention as you want. Your dog will soon realize that he is not in charge and the only way he will get attention when you come home is by being calm.

Another technique in your training your dog that you are the leader is to make all the for him. In a dog pack, the leader makes all the decisions for the rest of the team and the rest of the team just follows what the leader says. So, if you are letting your dog tell you what he wants to do, like when to play or when he needs , then he will see that you are the follower and that he is the leader. So try and make all the decisions for your dog. If he wants to play, ignore him until he gives up, then go pickup his toy and ask him if he wants to play. If he wants some and rubs your hand with his head, simply move your hand and wait until he gives up, then call him over and lather him with and pets. I know from personal experience that this is the hardest one to implement, but when done, you dog will soon start seeing you as the leader.

Bedtime is one more method where you can your dog that you are the leader. The alpha dog, in the pack, always gets the best of everything, including where he sleeps. When they all sleep, the alpha dog gets the highest spot over all the other dogs because they are looking out after their pack. So, when you go to bed, you need to make sure that your dog sleeps on the floor in his bed while you sleep up higher than him in your bed. You can still play with your dog while in bed or while you are watching a movie before your go to sleep, but when it is time to go to sleep, you need to make your dog go lie down in his own bed.

The last way you can assure your dog that you are the leader is through massages and grooming. What you need to do is make your dog lie down on his side and then gently brush him and rub his belly. This is also great quality time for both you and your pet. This works well because when a dog lies down on his side, he is showing total submission. An alpha dog will never assume this position with a dog who is subordinate to him. So, by making him lie on his side, you are letting him know that you are the leader and he is the follower. If you do this regularly, you dog will look forward to his grooming sessions and will have no problem submitting to you.

When you put these five methods presented above into practice, your dog will soon begin to learn that you are the leader and he is the follower. Once he learns this lesson, your regular training sessions will go much more smoothly and easier since he already knows you are the leader and he place is to follow and do what ever you want him to do.

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