Discover If Your Dog Has A Fever

by Floella McFee

Is still in his bed, lying uninterested in his toys, uninterested in the meaty stashed under his blanket? Even breakfast is going untouched and what is more worrying his drinking bowl is still full. Wave the leash at him and he stares at you with his rummy and dull eyes. Is Fido bored with life? Is he depressed? He may very well be making a statement about his home-life, but it much more likely that these listless behavioural symptoms are a sign of fever.

If you touch Fido around the ears or the nose he may feel hot. Just as with humans a fever will raise the overall to combat infections from bacteria, viruses and ingested toxins, the same is true of . In humans touching the skin will ascertain if the temperature is raised. However, a ’s temperature is normally 3 degrees above that of a human: somewhere between 37.8C (100F) and 39.3C (102.7F). So Fido will naturally feel warm; but to a human touch how warm is warm? Fido is not in a position to speak.

Aside from the general listless malaise Fido may be showing other, more serious signs of illness: he may be scratching; he may have diarrhoea, or vomiting; he may find it difficult to move because of pain. If it is uncertain from touch just how hot Fido actually is, then the only sure method is by using a thermometer.

When taking the temperature of a child, the thermometer can be inserted under the tongue or under the arm. Not really possible for Fido: it’s usually done rectally with . Not pleasant for either of you. Make it easier on your poor sick with some lubricant, like petroleum jelly. Reassure him as well, as he’s really not having a pleasant day. It would also be best to keep a thermometer for his personal use.

Of course when in doubt it’s always best to consult a vet, but if the temperature is slightly above 102F, and he’s not showing any very serious signs of illness, then this might only be a mild fever. It may be considered wise to allow Fido to fight this off himself; it will boost his immune system. Unfortunately, as the temperature is being taking rectally, poo lurking in his back passage could give a false reading. Take his temperature at regular intervals, particularly after he’s evacuated his bowels. If his temperature increases, or was already at 105 or above, Fido is a very ill dog and will need immediate medical attention.

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