5 tips on how to train your dog the easiest way

by Jolene Oh

are remarkable capable of learning a variety of complex behaviors if owners commit a little time each and train in small steps using patience and understanding. In this article, we have listed 15 which will help you to achieve this goal.

1. Don’t be cruel to your . If you strike your dog out of frustration, it will only learn to fear you. Give it , nourishment, and a healthy and exercise. This will ensure that your dog is at its peak, both mentally and physically.

2. Dogs can learn many words so keep them challenged by adding more and more. You can give all your dogs’ toys, balls, bones, etc. names. When giving your dog the item, make sure you use a name to describe it every time so they can learn it. For example: “Find your chew bone!” “Go get your duck”. “Get your ball”. “Find your Kong”. Have fun with your dog and teach them lots of language!

3. Determine what you want to teach your dog. Once you know what you want to teach, get some treats or toys. When ever your dog does something you like quickly reward your dog. Timing is crucial when your training. If your timing is off training will take a little longer. With a little bit of effort and practice you can teach your dog to do just about anything.

4. To get the behaviors you want and need from your dog, you must build a relationship first. In fact 99 percent of all is building your relationship and learning to read your dog. The other 1 percent is the actual and manners stuff.

5.The key to success is to know how to break each behavior down into its smallest components so that your dog can understand the behavior

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