Shocking Training Dog Collar Guide

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by Steve Wagstaffe

Training a can be a rewarding experience, especially if the dog that you are training is your own. Having training aids can be a great help, if you know what you are doing. Items such as training collars have proven to be effective, if used in the right hands. If you are unsure and have no expertise in , then training collars have the capacity to seriously injure your dog. This article is going to attempt to explain about the different types of training collars on offer and which ones you should be considering using. It is also advisable to get expert help as well.

The prong looks like a medieval torture device, but is actually one of the gentler training collars being investigated here. When the leash is pulled, the prongs start to pinch the back of the dog’s neck. The thinking behind this is to replicate the memory of the dog’s mother’s teeth nipping the scruff of the ’s neck. The collar is quite safe to use, the only real problem occurring if the fit is poor. If your is one that pulls strongly at the leash though, the prong collar might not be suitable.

The adjustment of these collars is quite easy though. Simply remove or add prongs to suit the neck of your dog. If you can just insert a finger between the neck of the dog and the prong collar, then you have just about got it right.

The Halti collar, also known as the Gentle Leader, is more akin to a harness than a collar. It fits over the dog’s face and works by closing the dog’s mouth when the leash attached to the collar is pulled. The theory is that if you can control the dog’s head, you will be able to control the whole dog. This type of collar is especially good for pulling or aggressive dogs.

Head control in this way does present the trainer with some difficulties. Most dogs will not take kindly to have any sort of restriction placed over their face and nose, so the dog might take a while to get used to collar. Also, by pulling on the head, it is possible to injure the dog’s neck or back, so you need to take care when using a head collar.

The is one of those items that can raise some people’s hackles. Those that like them point to how effective they are in controlling a dog. Those that don’t like them, would say that the collars are inhumane. The answer to this probably lies in the people who use the collars. Used correctly, choke collars can be very effective. Used in an inappropriate manner, the choke collar can be quite brutal.

Correct use of a choke collar starts with correct fitting. They work by tightening around the dog’s throat when the leash is pulled. Equally, the tightness should be released when the trainer eases up on the leash, but if the collar does not fit correctly, this might not happen resulting in undue distress to the animal. If your dog is one that continually pulls on the leash, then the choke collar is probably not the right collar to use.

An has the propensity for harm. Whether it is used to abuse dogs though rests entirely with the people that use them. Used correctly, are a very humane way of training a dog. In inexperienced or malevolent hands though, they can hurt dogs.

They work by passing a shock to the dog via a remote control, which is controlled by the trainer. The trainer has complete control over how big a shock to administer to the dog. It is generally accepted that the shock should be strong enough to make the dog’s ears twitch, and no more. How much that is depends on the size of the dog and the collar itself. If your dog starts to yelp when you administer a shock, then the charge is probably too high. If you are unsure, seek advice.

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