“Pet of the Week” Roscue makes the perfect playmate for kids – KLEW

“Pet of the Week” Roscue makes an ideal playmate for kids – KLEW KLEW”Pet of the Week” Roscue makes an ideal playmate for kidsKLEWKLEW News Reporter, Shannon Moudy has our “Pet of the Week.” This three-year old Boston Terrier mix is…well, lively. “He does have a bit of energy so somebody who can take him […]

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Natural ways to treat fleas that won’t harm your pet

Is your pet having a problem with fleas, but has trouble with harsh chemicals and flea treatments? Then these natural remedies may be the answer for you. Make your own natural flea collar. It’s a great way to ward off fleas, and there is no need to keep reapplying. It will keep the fleas under […]

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How to Choose a Shock Collar for your Dog?

Dog shock collars are electronic devices, which are used for dog obedience training. A shock collar for small dogs are normally quite effective, as they instantly deliver shocks to dogs when they bark too much, misbehave or try to act abnormally or undesirably. These help in discouragement of negative or unpleasant activities. Owners find it […]

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Finding Lost Pets Quickly and Easily

Losing your precious furry loved one can one of the most heart breaking and traumatic experiences that any pet owner can go through in their lives. Unfortunately, losing your pet is more common than you may think, and on average, one out of every three pets get lost or disappear at least once in their […]

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Review: Rustic Stone Pet Memorials

To most loving dog owners losing a dog is much like losing a member of the family. A lot of pets are devoted best friends and companions and provide people unconditional love and warmth that would be nearly impossible to get from a human. Mourning for the loss of a good friend or relative is […]

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Caring For Your Pets

by Jos? Francisco V.C. The Rottweiler is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. It is amazing some of the things that people will do for their pets. Some people go out and buy these ridiculous dog clothes or expensive dog collars. Dog clothing is not necessary for the animal because […]

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Puppy Potty Training: Dangerous Diseases Outside

One of the major concerns about potty training a puppy to use the bathroom outside in the busy city is the possible spread of disease. Deadly distemper and parvo disease, as well as parasites, can be transferred via infected canine feces and bodily fluids. A puppy’s immature immune system leaves him open to all kinds […]

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Utilizing Resources to Help You Locate a Missing Pet

It’s one of the biggest fears of all pet owners; what do you do if you cannot find your pet? We expect to always know where our pets are but every year thousands of our furry friends go missing. Having your pet micro chipped with your information is one of the best ways pet owners […]

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Dealing With Pet Stains and Odors

Acting quickly is the key to successfully removing pet odors and stains. This is especially true when dealing with pet urine, which leaves behind a nasty and long-lasting odor, as well as a stain. If you take to cleaning up urine quickly, you should be able to completely remove it so it doesn’t leave a […]

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Star Legacy Poodle Pet Urn

Star Legacy Poodle Pet Urn Handcrafted Hand-painted Designed by award-winning artist, Stephen Canneto Made of high quality resin Resin base made and finished in USA Loads from bottom; secured with glue-on recessed cap (glue included) Ideal for home or columbarium display Due to personal nature of this product returns accepted for manufacturing defects or shipping […]

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