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Boston Terrier – Dog Breeds – Facts All Owners Should Know

We begin this article with the basic facts about the breed, then follow up with an in-depth look at their personality. Group: Non-SportingWeight: 10-25 lbsHeight: 15-17 inches Overview The Boston Terrier was first bred in Boston, Massachusetts, and this is where they got their name from. At first they weighed about 44 pounds, and these […] Read more
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What You Need To Know About The Boston Terrier Breed Standard

Although the breed standard for the Boston Terrier is pretty strict on what they should look like, they are also strict on what the breed should act like. This attention to temperament has sadly been lacking in some other breed standards like the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Even pet quality Boston Terriers who would be laughed […] Read more
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The Australian Shepherd And Facts You Need To Know

The Australian Shepherd is a working sheep and farm dog that might do quite poorly in an apartment. They are vigorous dogs with high intelligence that were bred to think and work. They require at the least, a properly fenced in enclosure and at the best, a farm to run and work. They form strong […] Read more

The Australian Shepherd And Information You Should Know

The Australian Shepherd is a member of the Herding Dog Group. A medium sized dog known for his herding and guarding abilities. He is very family loyal and very intelligent. This dog needs a great deal of exercise, mental and physical. Could the Aussie be the right dog breed for you? Choosing the right breed […] Read more

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing The Australian Shepherd Breed For Your Household

There are many points to ponder over whenever you make up your mind to choose the Australian Shepherd for your household. The single decision can be really awe-inspiring. The choice of available dog types is marvelous. Your job is to get the ideal dog breed, which fits both your lifestyle and your personality. Here is […] Read more

Australian Shepherd – Dog Breeds – Everything You Need To Know

To begin with we will give you some basic info on the breed and them move on to other areas of this excellent dog. Breed group: Herding Weight: male: 50-65; female: 40-55 lbs Height: male: 20-23; female: 18-21 inches Overview The Australian Shepherd has its origin in North America were it was developed during the […] Read more

Australian Shepherd Video: Things you should know before getting an Australian Shepherd!!

* UPDATE VIDEO: There are some things about the breed that are very important to know before committing to a puppy. Here is my opinion on what one should consider before deciding on the breed. Things you should know before getting an Australian Shepherd!! Australian Shepherd * Malakai Jones and Maggie Mae duke it out […] Read more

Pegged Right: Best people I know are dogs

Pegged Right: Best people I know are dogs Sounded a little odd, put that way. "What do you mean, thinking you "might" have a dog?" Well, a little Sheltie had come by his workshop and sniffed around. But, when Mike turned to look at it or talk to it – it would bolt. But, he […] Read more

Essential Details To Know About The Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog (nicknamed the “Sheltie” and originally named the “Shetland Collie”) is a herding breed that resembles a smaller version of the Rough Collie and commonly features a sable and white, black, white and tan, blue merle, sable merle or black and white coat. The breed first appeared in the 1700s, and was Read more

10 Things to Know Before You Get a Great Dane – Huffington Post

10 Things to Know Before You Get a Great Dane – Huffington Post Huffington Post10 Things to Know Before You Get a Great DaneHuffington PostMy beautiful Great Dane Napoleon has been with us for 18 months now, and in an attempt to see how to keep him happy and healthy, I have learned quite a […] Read more
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