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Vaccination Timetable for Dogs and Puppies

Vaccination Timetable for Dogs and Puppies

By Jon Geller, DVM Q: We are new dog owners. We want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to protect our dogs’ health. Can you advise what kind of worming and vaccination schedule we should follow? We have two 3-month-old puppies and a 2- year-old dog. […] Read more
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Review: Rustic Stone Pet Memorials

To most loving dog owners losing a dog is much like losing a member of the family. A lot of pets are devoted best friends and companions and provide people unconditional love and warmth that would be nearly impossible to get from a human. Mourning for the loss of a good friend or relative is […] Read more
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The Unavoidable Dog Poop Bags

It ain’t fun, but somebody’s got to do it. Right? Some disturbing thoughts: 40 percent of dog owners never clean up their dog’s poop. Ever. 90 percent let their dogs “take care of business” in their own yards, and nearly a third of that group never cleans up after their dogs. Even at home. 80 […] Read more

Ruffee Brings Dog Owners Together

For dog owners who are anxious to meet other dog owners but don't know where or how to do so, Ruffee is the answer to their prayers. This unique mobile app allows people to post pictures of their dog for other dog lovers to see and enjoy. It also points them in the direction of […] Read more
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Can My Dog Still See?

By Jon Geller, DVM Q: Can a vet determine the percentage of vision still present in a dog 10 years old with cataracts? A: A veterinary ophthalmologist can make a very accurate determination of percent of vision remaining in a dog with cataracts. Most dogs with cataracts, which is a […] Read more
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Top Dog Exercises: How to Keep Your Pup to Top Shape

Just like their owners, dogs face a series of increased health risks if they do not maintain a healthy weight and stay in shape. For this reason, dog owners have a responsibility to make sure that their pet gets plenty of indoor and outdoor activity to help manage their weight and stay fit and trim. […] Read more
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Q&A: A questions for dog owners and dog trainers?

by sgoerin Question by Mandy D: A questions for dog owners and dog trainers? Hello, um I found which six best dogs for me would be, but I can’t decide which one. They are: Chessapeake Bay retriever “Chessie” Labrador retriever “Lab” Bernese Mountain dog “Berner” Mastiff Bullmastiff “Bully” Read more

Have You Gotten Your Dog Culture Today?

Every once in awhile we like to visit and check out other dog websites and blogs. This time we visited what can be best described as a dog social networking site named “Dog Culture”. Some of the services Dog Culture offers: Dog News, Classified Ads, a Pet Services directory, User Groups, Forums, Blogging, and a […] Read more
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Dog mess complaints at graveyard

13 October 2013 Last updated at 04:01 ET A dog-free zone in Welshpool might be extended to include a cemetery following complaints the animals have been fouling on graves. Dogs have been banned from some public areas in the Powys town since March after owners were accused of failing to clean up after their pets. […] Read more
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Dog law exemption for trespassers

9 September 2013 Last updated at 14:09 ET Dog owners will be safe from prosecution under revised dangerous dogs laws if their pet attacks someone trespassing in their home – even if the “intruder” is doing a good turn. Ministers say dogs cannot be expected to “ascertain the intentions” of those entering a property Read more
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