“Love is Patient” Figurine Review

These are my thoughts about the “Love is Patient” figurine from the Precious Moments company. I was given the figurine in exchange for writing a review, but rest assured, I’m being completely honest and straight-forward here. Here’s my “Love is Patient” figurine story. It started when I received an email with the offer for a […]

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Choosing the Right Pet: How to Prepare For A New Animal

Photo via Pixabay by YamaBSM For many people, pets are like another family member. Some individuals can’t imagine going anywhere without their dog, or a life without the joy their sweet cat brings. For first-time pet owners, however, it can be difficult to prepare for having an animal; even choosing the right pet can be […]

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Fun Indoor Exercises for Your Dog

There is no doubt that one of the things your dog looks forward to most during the day, is his daily walks. The smells, people, and dogs he encounters daily are stimulating, entertaining, and an excellent motivation to stay fit. However, on really chilly days, dogs can be reticent to go outside for more than […]

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How to Start a Dog Grooming Business

Starting up a dog grooming service is possible, rewarding and can turn into a lucrative revenue stream if done correctly. A few requirements include the financial stake necessary for the purchase of equipment and to be physical fit to handle the rigors of handling dogs all day long. You will also need adequate that is […]

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Ideas for a Beautiful, Dog-Friendly Garden

If you could ask your dog what his favorite place in the world was, he would probably answer, “the Great Outdoors.” Dogs love coming across other canines and people, sniffing plants and flowers, and rolling around in verdant areas like parks or your backyard. In warmer months, you probably enjoy spending time in the garden […]

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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Video: 60 Seconds Of Cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies!

* This dose of amazingly cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies is sure to brighten your day! Please share the love with someone else and thumbs up if you love Pembroke Welsh Corgis! 60 Seconds Of Cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies! Pembroke Welsh Corgi * Our Pembroke Welsh Corgi Bailey is quite a retriever. She is […]

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Building Bonds: Getting Close to Your New Rescue Dog

Adopting a rescue dog is a thoroughly rewarding experience. And a huge number of people can testify to this: approximately 1.6 million dogs are adopted from US animal shelters each year. Whilst most dogs that end up in shelters come from happy, stable homes, some experience a difficult start in life and suffer neglect and […]

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Welsh Corgi Video: Welsh Corgi Puppy Plays With Ferrets

* This welsh corgi and his ferret friends play a unique game of chase with tube. An unlikely animal friendship for the books! Original Link: SUBSCRIBE to us! LIKE us! FOLLOW us! TUMBLR: PIN with us! Welsh Corgi Puppy Plays With Ferrets Welsh Corgi Welsh Corgi Amazon products you […]

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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Video: Missy! Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy – undocked tail! (For adoption)

* 1 puppy left from litter of 6! See videos and more pictures of her at Her tail was left natural. She will come with 1st and 2nd shots, Ga/FL Health certificate, free vet check coupon, wormings, toys, collar, food samples, coupons and more. Call or text 812-393-9193 Thank You! She will be ready […]

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Heidi M. Sands considers other types of working dogs – Smallholder

Heidi M. Sands considers other types of working dogs – Smallholder SmallholderHeidi M. Sands considers other types of working dogsSmallholderCompletely different in looks but capable of doing a similar job of moving cattle is the Welsh Corgi. The Corgi comes in two versions, the Cardigan and the Pembroke. Of the two it is the Pembroke […]

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