Boxer Dog Video: Ralph the boxer dog

Our 1 year old boxer just chilling.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Boxer Dog Video: Ralph the boxer dog”

  1. Renuka de silva

    Happy new year Ralph

  2. Christina Pond

    This is priceless…
    If there was a boxer Godfather…!!!

  3. Alexandre Catalino

    are the largest

  4. mary mcdermott

    I have a boxer his name is George he looks a bit like yours there sooo cute
    ! has yours got a tail?

  5. Conor Selby

    good one good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Špela Odeb

    ooooooooooooooo,so cute!!!

  7. coffeeaugur

    lol … boxers are so awesome

  8. γυναίκα βαμπίρ

    hahaha he’s sooooo cool
    looks like my boxer Ceasar !

  9. ghostie7790

    omg!!!! this dog!

  10. Fred Tenzer

    Your dog is handsome!!

  11. iliv4disc77

    Good looking Boxer! Looks like Ralph is watching TV.

  12. Adonis Watkins


  13. Jan Klop

    Hahahaha, awesome !

  14. Angim350

    Where did you get Ralph? He is the spitting image of my 18 month old girl
    and I was wondering if they were related!

  15. kevineyago

    This dog looks just like somebody I know.

  16. Tou Xiong

    he thinks he’s human hahahah

  17. John B. Gibson

    Some dogs have all the luck. This guy owns the place. :)

  18. DaG37boy

    Haaaahahahaha.. Love it!!!

  19. Miss.Michela08

    Like a boss XD

  20. Peg Schmuck

    omg ! too funny ! I swear he’s human….lol

  21. Thomas Jones

    Dood: Why you hasslin’ me while I’m watchin’ my stories?

  22. Pelagia Kousouri

  23. Mary Ann Hoffman

    Love the expression and sideglance….sooooooo typical of our babies!

  24. Mary Ann Hoffman

    Love the expression and sideglance….sooooooo typical of our babies!

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