Boxer Puppy Video: boxer pup tired (Boomer)

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16 Responses to “Boxer Puppy Video: boxer pup tired (Boomer)”

  1. tim toepper

    Hilarious… ;-)

  2. alicia bryson

    Spoil them I say!!! Love them w/everything.

  3. Tristan Dillon

    so cute

  4. Bethany Pickard

    Dog sleep and saying no

  5. little Mixee

    Love it cute doggie

  6. Karoline Kremers

    omg how cute

  7. Lemar King

    Translate: don’t just sit there take me to my bed.

  8. magpieeye

    That face! So adorable. Wow, Boomer is almost 6 years old now!

  9. Ishwarya Rajarajan

    Actually all the boxer puppies are cute soo?ooooooooooo cute

  10. Kathy Turman

    Found my boxer on the side of the road too. She was a puppy but almost
    fully grown. Wish I had her when she was that small. She was skinny too and
    wasn’t potty trained. I had my reservations about her at first cause my
    previous dog died a few months before. But after she was potty trained, she
    turned out to be a wonderful pet. A little on the clingy side though lol.

  11. Bianca Jimenez

    Did he call it a spoiled little bitch at the end????

  12. Robin W

    he sure did. I was enjoying the clip until then. idiot

  13. Matt Phillips


    I seriously can *not* wait to get another boxer puppy now!!!

  14. Feybred

    the guy talking in the vid sounds exactly like me on a recording or
    video… was really weird

  15. micers

    That is a male, you know the difference between a male and a bitch, right?

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